Korg ESX-2 Electribe Sampler Red

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Product Overview

For the latest addition to the Electribe range, Korg have really gone all out. The ESX-2 Electribe Sampler is a standout piece of kit with a huge range of capabilities. As a us... read more

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Product Overview

Manufacturer's ID: KRELECTR2SR

What we say:

For the latest addition to the Electribe range, Korg have really gone all out.

The ESX-2 Electribe Sampler is a standout piece of kit with a huge range of capabilities. As a user-friendly alternative to overly complex samplers, Korg have stripped the ESX-2 back to the essentials in terms of design and it's paid off. It’s 16 pads have a great feel to them and it’s just big enough for all the controls to be a comfortable size, without the unit itself being particularly bulky.

It's massive internal memory allows you to store up to 250 patterns and the sequencer itself really is top class. One of the most impressive factors, in fact, is how much of a focus was placed on using this as a standalone unit. This has resulted in some interesting features and means there's huge potential for hands on, spur of the moment editing. The motion sequence function for example, allows you to record parameters from the knobs into your sequence which is really useful.

Along with this, they haven't wasted an inch of this thing. The changes in design have allowed them to maximise the space by adding features from some of their flagship products, such as; the KingKORG, kaossilator, kaoss pad, and taktile. These can all be accessed and used easily with a touch sensitive pad. If you’ve ever had a shot on any of these, particularly the Kaoss Pad – you’ll already know how much fun they can be to play around with.

This is also a very compatible piece of gear, which will be a big factor for those who plan to incorporate it into their existing setup. Korg have even given it capability to export sequence data to Ableton Live for more detailed editing and mixing.

The ESX-2 is sure to impress anyone who has been following the updates in Korgs Electribe Range. It’s a very versatile sampler which is extremely playable and easy to use, even for a novice. In the ESX-2, Korg have brought to life a unit which goes a step further than most of its competitors and will be a welcome addition to anyone’s studio.


The electribe sampler featuring KORG's latest technology
The electribe sampler has been reborn with cutting-edge technology inherited from popular KORG products such as the KingKORG, kaossilator, kaoss pad, and taktile. The internal memory lets you save 250 patterns, including preset patterns which are perfect for today's dance music scene. There's also support for the polyphonic playback that’s indispensable for styles that include complex chord progressions, such as House music.

An evolved step sequencer
Using the 16 pads placed on the front of the unit, you can create patterns intuitively while actually hearing and seeing the sounds. You can use the pads as a keyboard to realtime-record phrases, and also perform step recording by entering the pitch and rhythmic value one note at a time. The patterns you create can be used in alternate forms as you perform by taking advantage of the "step jump" feature inherited from the volca series, or by changing the "last step" to vary the length of each part.

There's also a "motion sequence" function that lets you record knob and button operations and use them in the pattern that you create.

Either drums or synths can now be assigned to each of the 16 parts (i.e., the 16 pads). For example you could create complex rhythms by assigning drums to all of the 16 parts.

Intuitive beat making with the Trigger pads and Touch pad
Familiar from the kaossilator is the "touch scale" function that lets anyone perform without wrong notes, just by moving a finger across the touch pad. The trigger pads that were popular on the taktile are also provided, making it easy for anyone to create phrases intuitively. The trigger pads can also be used for drum input. Settings allow you to switch velocity on/off.

A hybrid synth engine with sampling and modeling
KORG created a synth engine for the electribe sampler that's perfectly designed to maximize your creativity.

In addition to a sampler sound engine that lets you use your own unique and original sounds (samples), there are also several types of analog modeling sound engines that are great for creating synth basses and pad sounds. There can be up to a total of 999 preset and user samples, and a maximum of 270 seconds of sampling time (calculated as monaural) can be used. The unit is shipped with numerous drum, rhythm/phrase loops, and hit samples included. (collaborations with Sample Magic, Loopmasters, Prime Loops are included)

Modulation can make sound-creation more complicated, but we've made it easy by condensing it down to three parameters: simply select a template that specifies an effect and its target, and then adjust the speed and depth of the effect to suit your taste.

Advanced use of samples with Time Slice and Resampling functions
The "Time Slice" function detects attacks within the phrase and slices it appropriately, allowing you to play the phrase at the desired tempo without significantly affecting the sound. Sounds within a sliced part can also be used separately by assigning them to steps or parts. You can even apply an effect to a sample, and then resample it while using the knobs to vary the pitch or modulation.

Even deeper creative potential: Effects and Groove templates
The new electribe sampler provides effects such as compression and overdrive for each part, giving you uncompromising control over the nuances of individual sounds that differ subtly between genres. The groove function can be specified for each part, letting you apply a groove to your phrase simply by selecting a template.

New functions for live performance: Master effects, Pattern sets, Sync in/out
The master effects can be controlled from the touch pad just like on the Kaoss pad, and they include not only spatial-type effects that shape the overall acoustics but they also include effects that apply aggressively musical transformations such as the "Vinyl Break" effect inherited from the Kaoss pad series, and the newly developed "Seq Reverse" and "Odd Stepper" that change the playback order of the sequencer. These are also extremely effective for live performance. Insert effects can be assigned for individual parts, opening up even more complex sound-design possibilities.

There's also a "pattern set" function which lets you switch patterns by pressing trigger pads, and an "event recording" function that records that performance. In addition to MIDI IN/OUT, "Sync IN/OUT" is also provided, allowing synchronized performances with the volca series, monotribe, or MS-20 mini. The unit can run on six AA batteries, so you can easily take it along with you and perform anywhere, providing on-the-go inspiration to your musical ideas.

A new workflow with Ableton Live
Transform inspiration into a creative production. KORG has collaborated with Ableton to offer a new music production workflow that combines the best of hardware and software. The electribe sampler can internally save and export patterns in Ableton Live format. Individual patterns and parts are saved as scenes and clips in an Ableton Live Set. Use Live’s powerful Session and Arrangement workflows to edit and and refine your ideas, perform or record new parts, arrange your ideas, and mix your song.

The Korg electribe sampler includes Live Lite.


  • Sound System
    • Maximum Polyphony: 24 voices *1 (Pseudo-polyphonic *2)
    • Number of parts: 16
    • Sampling Frequency: 48.0 kHz
    • Number of Sound Samples: Up to 999 (Includes User)
    • Number of Filter types: 3
    • Number of Modulation types: 72
    • Memory capacity: 250 patterns
    • Insert effects: 38 types
    • Master effects: 32 types
  • Sequencer
    • Up to 64 steps for each part
    • Up to 24 modulation sequences for each pattern
    • Last Step can be varied for each part
  • Trigger Pads: 16 (Velocity sensitive is supported)
  • Connectors
    • Audio
      • L/Mono Output (Standard Phone jack)
      • R Output (Standard Phone jack)
      • Headphones (Stereo mini jack)
      • Line Input (Stereo mini jack)
    • MIDI: In, Out (Use an included MIDI adapter cable)
    • USB: Type micro B
    • Sync: In, Out (Stereo mini jack)
  • External storage device: SD Card (More than 1GB), SDHC Card (Up to 32GB)
  • Power Supply
    • AC Adaptor or AA battery x 6 (Alkaline battery or Nickel metal hydride battery)
    • Battery Life: Approximately 5 hours (POWER SAVING: ON, with Nickel-Metal Hydride battery)
    • Current Consumption is less than 500 mA
  • Chassis: Zinc die cast
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 339 mm x 189 mm x 45 mm / 13.35” x 7.44” x 1.77”
  • Weight: 1.6 kg / 3.53 lbs
  • Operating temperature: 0- +40? (non-condensing)
  • Accessories: AC Adaptor (KA-350) , MIDI adapter cable x 2, Ableton Live 9 Lite (License card included)
*1: The polyphony of the entire pattern varies depending on the Oscillator, Filter, and Insert Fx type.
*2: Independent parameters for each voice have been simplified; four voices share the parameters of one conventional voice.

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