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Korg Electribe EMX2-BL Blue Synth

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What we say:

The Korg Electribe EMX2 is a powerful sequencer/synthesizer with some huge capabilities for its size. The unit is very playable despite being fairly small and is extremely flexible for use in both studio or live production.

Following on from it's predecessor, the EMX2 maintains the character of the 2003 Electribe MX but with a slim, compact metallic blue chassis. This gives the unit a lovely sleek look and the colourful LED lighting means it's a perfect sequencer for a dark stage or studio room.

The latest in the range is also very portable and battery compatible; which again makes these little guys the perfect companion for a live setup. If you're planning on utilising this, you may also be interested in the fact that the EMX2 has the capability to re-trigger already finished patterns, meaning you can switch up your groove on the fly.

A huge variety of sounds can be created from lush pads to sharp punchy stabs and everything in between. But if you're struggling for inspiration, not to worry - Korg have been nice enough to design 200 factory patterns which can be downloaded from their website and imported onto the unit. These sound great and we'd thoroughly recommend checking them out as they're also really useful when it comes to understanding the sound and functionality of the unit.

Overall, this is a particularly adaptable and road ready synth that gives the user loads of options. It's support for a pattern chain function and undo function alone should put it straight to the top of the list for anyone who is planning on running the unit live.

Korg have offered a really impressive upgrade that instantly catches your eye and begs to be played with. The stylish design gives it a really modern look but it still has that classic feel that won't leave users of the rest of the series disappointed.


The electribe is a synthesizer-based production machine that turns inspiration into sound at maximum speed. It contains numerous analog oscillators and a wide variety of filters. Whether you're selecting sounds or editing them, all operations are performed simply by using the top panel knobs. In addition, a variety of input interfaces optimized for inputting rhythm, bass, or melody allow you to smoothly create sequences as fast as you can think.

The sequences that you create can then undergo additional evolution on stage or in your laptop. You can enjoy intuitive live performances that link various devices with the electribe, or utilize this capability for full-fledged music production by exporting sequence data to Ableton Live for detailed editing and final mixing.

The latest system version 2 adds a much-requested pattern chain function that will be a great asset for live performances or music production. The lineup has also become more colorful with the new metallic blue model. And we've also provided bonus patterns that reveal even greater sonic potential.

Making your beat-making ideas rapidly take shape. It's the electribe; a synthesizer + sequencer that's thoroughly optimized for speed.

A new metallic blue model – a nod to the legacy of electribe
Following the chic gray unit, the lineup has been joined by a metallic blue model that's reminiscent of the previous model, the ELECTRIBE MX. Complemented by the numerous colorfully illuminated LEDs, this unit will energize your playing.

Many new functions added via system update
Updates make the electribe evolve daily. System version 2 adds support for the much-requested pattern chain function and undo function, as well as support for original value display. Users who already own an electribe can update their unit and then enjoy playing.

Download over 200 bonus patterns
Electribe artists, sound designers, and beat makers from around the world have created bonus pattern data packed with new sounds, phrases, and sequences. These 203 different patterns include synthesizer sounds, drum kits, and ideas that work with a variety of musical styles. They are provided as reference materials for your beat-making or as foundations to give you new inspiration.

Sound System
  • Type: Analog modeling sound engine + PCM sound engine
  • Maximum Polyphony: 24 voices
  • Oscillator Types: Kick (56), Snare (58), Clap (16), HiHat (42), Cymbal (14), Tom (16), Percussion (55), Voice (16), Synth FX (18), Synth Hit (18), Inst Hit (16), Synth (55), Instrument (28), Audio In (1)
  • Number of Steps: 16 steps x 4
  • Number of Parts: 16 parts (one part consists of a sound, steps, insert effect, modulation sequence, etc)
  • Number of Patterns 250 patterns (200 Presets / 50 Initial) (one pattern consists of parts, master effect, key, scale setting, etc)
  • Pattern Set Up to 64 patterns can be stored
  • Pattern Chain Up to 250 patterns can be chained
Inputs + Outputs
  • Audio
    • L/Mono, R Output (Standard phone jack)
    • Headphones (Stereo mini jack)
    • Audio Input (Stereo mini jack)
  • MIDI In, Out (Use an included MIDI adapter cable)
  • USB Type micro B
  • Sync In, Out (Stereo mini jack)
Size + Weight
  • 339 x 189 x 45 mm / 13.35” x 7.44” x 1.77”
  • 1.6 kg / 3.53 lbs
What's In The Box
  • Korg EMX2-BL
  • Power Suppply
  • MIDI adapter cable x 2
  • Ableton Live 9 lite (License card included)
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Overall Rating 5 (2 reviews)

Deniss B. - 19/6/2018

It has a huge palette of sounds, and effects. Compact and accessible features, make it easy to plug in and play. A lot of fun, but also capable of some in depth music production. The free registration to Live 9 Lite is a welcome bonus.

Robin N. - 19/2/2018

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