Korg Volca

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About Korg Volca

The Korg Volca series features tiny synths with big sounds. Each Volca offers a specific feature such as analog synthesis with the Volca Bass and Keys, sampling with the Sample, drums with the Beats and Kick and FM synthesis with the Volca FM. Don't be fooled by their size, these synthesizers and drum machines are professional level hardware and are commonly used in electro setups on stage and in the studio.

Volcas can easily be synced together for live performance via the supplied cables, or can even be linked and mixed with the Volca Mix portable mixing desk which features built in speakers. In addition to being able to sync your volca instruments together, it is also easy to sync your volcas with other hardware to easily expand your music production setup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Volca

Question: Do Korg Volcas play the same way as a Stylophone?
While they do look quite similar to a Stylophone, Volcas don't require the use of a stylus to be played. Instead you can simply use your fingers on the keyboard surface or use a controller keyboard via 5 Pin MIDI. In addition to this, the Keys, Sample and FM are all polyphonic, allowing you to play more than one key at a time.
Question: Are Volcas all analog synths?
No, while the Beats, Kick, Bass and Keys are all analog instruments, the FM and Sample are both Digital in their nature.
Question: Can Volcas be linked/synced together?
They can indeed, all volcas feature a sync input and output to allow you to chain them together and lock the tempo for easy performance.