Korg Nanokey

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About Korg Nanokey

Korg NanoKey MIDI keyboards offer an extremely portable yet versatile way to control software on your computer and iOS devices. It is available in two variations:

The NanoKey2 is a slimline USB bus powered MIDI controller that features 25 low profile keys and includes octave and pitch shift control, as well as dedicated sustain and mod buttons.

The NanoKey Studio offers extensive MIDI control over your software and apps and features 25 low profile velocity sensitive keys with dedicated octave control and pitch/mod buttons. It also features 8 velocity sensitive trigger pads, 8 control knobs and an X/Y touch pad. The NanoKey Studio can be powered via USB or via two AAA batteries when connected via Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity offers wireless MIDI control to compatible apps on your iPad and iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Nanokey

Question: Are NanoKeys iOS compatible?
Yes, while the NanoKey 2 can be connected to your iOS device via a Lightning to a USB adapter or camera connection kit, the Kontrol Studio can be connected via Bluetooth. Both keyboards also include dedicated iOS apps for you to enjoy.
Question: Are NanoKeys touch sensitive?
Yes, both NanoKeys feature velocity sensitive keys.
Question: Which DAWs are NanoKeys compatible with?
The NanoKey keyboards are compatible with any software that supports MIDI, including Reason, FL STUDIO, Tracktor, Logic, GarageBand, Ableton Live, Cubase, and Pro Tools etc.