Laney Acoustic Amps

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About Laney Acoustic Amps

Laney Acoustic Amps offer the acoustic guitarist a range of acoustic amps to suit a host of playing situations, all built to the renowned levels of construction and quality tone that Laney are known for.

Laney acoustic amps were the brainchild of Lyndon Laney, a musician and engineer who dreamed of designing an amp to deliver the key tonal characteristics missing from amps of the day, chiefly distortion. The result is a decades long pedigree of fantastic sounding, powerful amps that have graced the stages of some of rock and metal's true icons and most powerful players including Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads and George Lynch, even finding a home on grunge, stoner and doom metal stages too with the likes of Matt Pike, and Josh Homme.

In 1967, Lyndon Laney was the bass player in a little-known Birmingham group ‘Band of Joy’. He then left the band to start making amps and his bandmates, Robert Plant and John Bonham went on to form Led Zeppelin. In very different ways, they all made an indelible mark on British rock music, but the legend of Laney Amplification was born.

Why Should I Choose a Laney Acoustic Amp?

  • Outstanding quality of construction
  • Legendary Laney tone quality
  • Wide range of models, sizes and output powers to choose from
  • Amps top suit any acoustic playing situation, from concert halls to busking gigs

Frequently Asked Questions about Laney Acoustic Amps

Question: Is Laney a good acoustic amp brand?
Yes they are! Laney acoustic amps have a long and proud pedigree of making great sounding, highly powerful amps packed with ripping tones and outstanding quality.
Question: Who makes Laney acoustic amps?
Laney acoustic amps are made by the Laney company and their partner manufacturers.