Lollar Guitar Pickups

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About Lollar Guitar Pickups

Lollar Guitar Pickups bring you some of the very best upgrades for your electric guitar and bass, ensuring your instrument really works to help you deliver your unique musical vision. A professional luthier since 1979, Jason Lollar is one of the foremost authorities on the subject of pickups.

Lollar literally wrote the book on the subject! The result is that Lollar have produced some of the most sought after guitar pickups and highest quality pickups available in the world for more than three decades. The team at Lollar all personally build every pickup, ensuring you always receive the very best guitar pickups you can find.

Why Should I Choose Lollar Guitar Pickups?

  • Stunning quality
  • Outstanding tones
  • Huge range of models and styles available
  • Everything from recreations and updated classics to modern styles for modern sounds

Frequently Asked Questions about Lollar Guitar Pickups

Question: Are Lollar pickups any good?
Absolutely! Lollar pickups offer some of the most innovative and high quality pickups you can add to your guitar. All hand built in the USA, Lollar pickups bring you everything from classic designs brought up to date, to innovative pickup designs built for modern tones and styles.
Question: Where are Lollar pickups made?
Lollar Pickups are proudly handmade at the Lollar workshop in Tacoma, Washington USA.
Question: Are Lollar pickups noisy?
Lollar pickups, singlecoils in particular, can be subject to the same interference and 50/60 cycle hum of all pickups, though their stunning production quality ensures your hardware won't make any noise worse.
Question: Are Lollar pickups potted?
Lollar pickups are all potted, though the precise volume of potting is fine-tuned to the specific model of pickup to ensure authentic style to match the originals the pickup may be based on.