M Audio Interfaces

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About M Audio Interfaces

M-Audio interfaces are famous for their quality and reliability. The brand has been around since the late 80s.

If you record your own music, there's a good chance you have already used an M-Audio interface at some point. Present in schools, colleges and studios the world over, you know it's a brand you can rely on.

M-Audio's M-Track series are USB-C interfaces that boast high quality and fast performance. If you are looking for high sound quality without breaking the bank,these interfaces are a great choice!

Frequently Asked Questions about M Audio Interfaces

Question: Do the interfaces come with any software?
They sure do! Pro Tools First: M-Audio edition and a bunch of Air plugins are included.
Question: Are the cables to get started included?
Yes, both USB-C and USB 2.0 cables are included in the box.
Question: My computer doesn't have USB-C. Can I use the M-Audio M-Track interface?
The M-Track interfaces also work over the standard USB 2.0 connection.