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About Marshall MG

The Marshall MG range has been providing great sounding solid state Marshall tone to bedrooms, rehearsal rooms and stages for years. There have been various iterations of the MG range over that period, with the current amps going under the MG Gold name. Blending analogue tones with digital FX, each Marshall MG Gold amplifier offers multiple channels and a simple front panel graced in the classic black and gold Marshall uniform.

The Marshall MG range is a fantastic option for a practice amp. The larger models are able to hold their own on a stage, too. Models start at 10w and run to 100w. Features expand as the range grows, so the bigger models include FX loops and more channels.


Why Should I Choose a Marshall MG Amp?

  • Authentic Marshall tones
  • Ideal for practicing
  • Compact and portable

Frequently Asked Questions about Marshall MG

Question: What does 'solid state' mean?
Solid State is the type of technology used to make the amp's power section and is the opposite in amp terms to valve technology. Valve is more expensive and in fact is rather an old fashioned way to do things but most guitarists (not all) still prefer the sounds of valve amps. Solid State technology is very reliable and is often used in more affordable amplifiers. Marshall MG amps use solid state technology and sound great.
Question: There are three 15 watt Marshall MG amps: what are the differences between them?
There are indeed three: the MG15, MG15R and MG15FX. The first has two channels: clean and overdrive. The MG15R adds a digital reverb to this with its own control knob on the front panel. The MG15FX adds a full effects selection which includes reverb, delay, chorus and flanger effects among others.
Question: Which Marshall MG amp is suitable for gigging with?
That really depends on the size of the gig but the Marshall MG102FX will cover most situations. It has 4 channels, two 12" speakers and and an FX loop! It also runs at 100w so there is plenty of horsepower available to get your message across.