Martin 000

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About the Martin 000

The Martin 000 is an extremely popular body size for fans of Martin guitars. Designed for players who wanted a louder alternative to the 00 , the Martin 000 is similar to the OM (Orchestral Model) but generally with a smaller scale length. It is otherwise known as the 'auditorium' model. Many Martin 000 have a solid Sitka Spruce top.

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin 000

Martin 000 body style is smaller and shallower than a dreadnought. It has a tighter 'waist', making for a sound that is more pronounced in the top and bottom but with less mids and slightly less projection than a dreadnought.
We think anybody can play any guitar but it is fair to say that it is mostly fingerstyle and folk players who take to the 000. It has a slightly more intimate feel than a dreadnought or a jumbo and fingerstyle players tend to like this. The sound is more suited to this type of playing too, with lots of good single note definition.
Spruce is the single most popular timber for use in building guitar tops or 'soundboards'. Spruce is the perfect mix of rigidity and flexibility, both of which are important in making a good soundboard. Sitka is a densely wooded area in Alaska. The sitka spruce tree, which grows in many parts of the world, is the largest type of spruce tree and is named after the Alaskan area due to the large number of them found in the State.