Martin 15 Series

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About Martin 15 Series

The Martin 15 Series was introduced way back when as an affordable guitar during the Great Depression. Handmade from solid mahogany in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, 15 Series guitars sold for $15 each! 100 years later, the price may have changed but the guitar has not.

All-mahogany guitars have a warm, soulful voice and the Martin 15 Series is a beautiful example of this. Built with thin resonant wood, these guitars are extremely light and comfortable. They come in a number of different body sizes from the parlour 0 size to Martin’s classic Dreadnought. The most popular Martin 15 Series model is the 00015 which is ideal for singer-songwriters who both strum and fingerpick.

A selection of our Martin 15 Series guitars come included with a guitar bag or guitar case.