Martin Artist Series

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About Martin Artist Series

Martin Artist Series guitars have been designed in collaboration with the artist and made to their desired specifications. Often modelled around a favourite or special guitar, a Martin Artist Series model can be a great way to access your favourite guitarist's sound, however, Artist Series models are generally just really cool and unique guitars that any guitarist will love.

Why Should I Choose Martin Artist Series?

  • Premium acoustic guitars with exceptional attention to detail
  • Great tones and playability
  • Unique and collectable

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin Artist Series

Question: What is the Martin Artist Series?
Each Martin Artist Series guitar has been designed to the artist's specifications.
Question: Which Artists have their own Martin series?
Some notable artists with Martin signature models include John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Johnny Cash.
Question: Where are Martin Artist guitars made?
Depending on the model, Martin Artist guitars are either made in Pennsylvania USA or Mexico.
Question: Are Martin Artist guitars worth it?
Yes, an Artist model can be a great way to tap into the sound you're looking for.