MXR Compressor Pedals

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About MXR Compressor Pedals

MXR Compressor Pedals are among the most popular compressor pedals for professional musicians. Combining a robust build quality with an intuitive and effective level of control, an MXR pedal like the Dyna Comp compressor can let you enhance the tone of your guitar. Generate a percussive and clicky sound, or add rich sustain, the tone of a Dyna Comps delivers the output and sensitivity of a classic compressor, in a pedal board friendly footprint. If you're after the increased sustain or clicky sound heard from some of the most popular compressors, you're going to love what an MXR Compressor Pedal offers.

Why Should I Choose an MXR Compressor Pedal?

  • Enhance the sound of your guitar
  • Intuitive and effective
  • Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions about MXR Compressor Pedals

Question: Are MXR compressor pedals any good?
Yes, MXR compressor pedals feature on many professional player's pedal boards.
Question: How do you use a MXR compressor pedal?
An MXR compressor can be used to even out the sound of clean tones, increase sustain for soloing and maximise the dynamic range of your valve amp.
Question: Who uses an MXR compressor pedal?
Some notable MXR compressor users include Sam Fender, Matt Bellamy, Marty Friedman and Eric Johnson.
Question: Where are MXR compressor pedals made?
Each MXR pedal is hand crafted in the USA.
Question: What is the best MXR compressor pedal?
The MXR M76 Studio Compressor offers precise control over your compression settings.