Native Instruments Controllers

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About Native Instruments Controllers

Native Instruments controllers and software are some of the best on the market.

Maschine is a powerful sampler and beat making program. The hardware itself is a control surface that gives you hands-on control of the software. The controls allow you to play beats, sequence patterns, edit samples and so much more. Certain models such as the Maschine MK3 also have a built in Audio Interface. This means you can sample through the hardware and send audio to speakers.

Maschine hardware includes the Maschine software, as well as some bonus software instruments. The sheer quality of the samples and instruments included means you have plenty to get started. Check it out!

Frequently Asked Questions about Native Instruments Controllers

Question: Can Maschine hardware be used on its own?
It can't be used as a standalone unit. The software does all the hard work. It lets you run instrument plugins and integrate easily with your DAW.
Question: Does the Maschine controller need to be connected to my computer to use the software?
It doesn't. You can use the software without connecting the hardware. It feels and looks much like a DAW in its workflow. You can also run it as a Plug-in inside another DAW, such as Ableton Live.