Offers: Free Copy of Guitar Rig with any Komplete Audio Interface

Published on 12 March 2020

Recording your guitar at home has never been easier and the quality of studio gear has totally transformed in recent years. Even for the biggest technophobes, laying down some genuinely lovely sounding guitar tracks is fairly straightforward. It truly is a glorious time to be alive! Gone are the days where you need a pile of studio equipment that costs more than your house, now your trusty axe, interface and some solid software will do more than a satisfactory job. Not sure where to start? Well, Native Instruments gear is always a solid bet. Covering all of your home recording needs, their acclaimed software has been at the heart of so many amazing productions that we couldn't even begin to guess. Not only that, but they've also just launched a new offer that we think is an awesome incentive to kick your recording dreams off - Read on for more details...

For a limited time, if you buy a Native Instruments Komplete Audio interface, you'll bag yourself a copy of the fantastic Guitar Rig software absolutely free! Guitar Rig is one of our favourite pieces of software for recording, or even practicing, giving you an absolute wealth of tones and effects at the click of a mouse. With tons of presets based on legendary artist's setups, along with the option to create your own rigs, it really is a mind-blowing platform for laying down guitar. Just think, rather than trying desperately to dial in that sweet spot where your amp sounds great but the neighbours aren't filing noise complaints, you could be plugged into your computer and rocking through the headphones with fantastic results.

If you've been thinking about a new interface or taking your first steps into the world of recording, you won't get a better chance than this - the Komplete Audio boxes are tremendous and with Guitar Rig as a freebie, it's a no brainer - get it done!

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