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Published on 05 April 2023


Spector basses: good enough to share the world’s stages with Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Judas Priest, Living Colour, Pink Floyd, H.E.R. and many more. Spector are one of the world’s foremost bass brands, typifying the forward-thinking and innovative attitude that is valued by bassists.

Since 1976, this Brooklyn-based company have offered their own distinctive (and influential) take on the bass guitar. Early successes were designed by Ned Steinberger, whose connection to the brand continues today: all basses named with the prefix ‘NS’ are a direct reference to this creative mastermind.

Spector basses run from the familiar to the sublime. You’ll find exotic woods, extended scale lengths and even six-string models on offer. They are simultaneously groundbreaking and definitive, which is no mean trick to pull in a market that favours tradition, even if bassists are generally more open to innovation that guitarists. Spector have successfully straddled the line between originality and acceptance, and that’s mainly due to creating amazing, high quality instruments.


FREE Scott’s Bass Lessons

If you’re currently in the market for a quality new bass, we’d wholeheartedly recommend adding a few Spector models to your longlist. This month may in fact be a better month than ever, because from the 1st April 2023 until the 30th April 2023, every purchase of a new Spector NS bass qualifies you for a YEAR’s worth of FREE lessons with Scott’s Bass Lessons!

Simply register your purchase with Spector to qualify. You’ll get a free one year subscription, where you can brush up on the techniques you know and learn entirely new ones to boot! All new Spector NS series basses are included in this promotion, so there’s a great selection of basses for you to consider! 

Could it be the Spector NS Dimension 5 string in Haunted Moss, with its swamp ash body, multiscale (34-37") neck and Fishman Fluence pickups?

Or perhaps the bold 6 string Spector NS Pulse II, with it’s 35” scale length and Macassar ebony fingerboard?

How about the NS Ethos in Super Faded Black? It’s a gorgeous 4 string with a poplar burl top and top-end Aguilar electronics, making it a pretty beautiful proposition both inside and out. There are some very enticing opportunities available to the bassist looking for something a little special!

As mentioned, this offer run the month of April 2023, so if you were keen on buying a Spector, this month is a good time to pull the trigger!

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