Line 6 Helix: FREE Total Guitar Recording Bundle!

Published on 05 December 2022


Do you love recording guitars? Do you want a huge variety of the best tones available, without any of the fuss of mic placement and volume/room issues?

If you are currently nodding your head, then we expect you’ll be very aware of Line 6’s Helix family of digital guitar processors. For professional sound, both live and in the studio (as well as home!), a Helix model is a simple and amazingly effective route to great one, time and again.

If you need to know more about the Helix range in general, we’ll invite you to check out this Helix blog, but for those who are up to speed, now is a particularly good time to get onboard with your own Helix. 


Simple. From right now (as of November 25th 2022) until June 30th 2023, everyone who buys a Helix will be able to download, free of charge, a suite of professional level plugins! Take your recordings to the next level of production with the Total Guitar Recording Bundle, a package that includes the following:

  • Cubase LE12: A compact version of Steinberg’s industry-leading DAW software, Cubase LE12 is the pro studio you’ve always wanted. Used in countless major recordings by world-famous producers and artists, Cubase is an essential tool to the modern musician.
  • Helix Native: This powerful amp and effects plugin effectively brings all of the pioneering technology and tone of your Helix unit into your computer as a plugin. It’s great for deep editing and sound design as well as giving you all of your Helix patches and sounds.
  • Metallurgy Collection: This plugin focuses on cutting edge heavy guitar tones for metal, thrash and doom styles. If you like to use hard-hitting contemporary tones, this plugin will be everything to you!

All together, those pieces of software add up to hundreds of pounds’ worth of value, and you can have it all free! Here’s how…


How to Claim

This special opportunity is available to anyone who buys a Helix product from us. This includes the following products:

 After purchasing, register your new Helix with Line 6 and upload your proof of purchase to this link:

Once approved, your licences for Cubase LE12, Helix Native and the Metallurgy Collection will show up in your line 6 account, ready to download and install!

It’s really that simple! If you are considering a Helix purchase anyway, now would be a great time to make the leap, given the extra value included at the moment. If your recordings and indeed home playing sessions could do with something ‘more’, then this may just be the solution you’ve been looking for! 

As always, terms and conditions apply, so do make sure you read through everything on the above link to Line 6’s site.

Whichever Helix you choose, we wish you a fantastic time bringing your songs and riffs to life!

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