News: Taking Your Music Outside - Our Favourite PA Systems

Published on 20 July 2020

BBQ's, strumming in the garden, chilling out the back of your favourite pub, kicking back with a few drinks... There really is nothing like the summertime is there? At guitarguitar, we're suckers for the sunshine and love nothing more than getting the guitars out and giving our neighbours ever more reason to get annoyed at us. Let's be real here though, if you're chilling outside then tunes are absolutely essential and there's nothing worse than your happy zone getting ruined by the music not cutting through. With the world slowly returning to normal and pubs and beer gardens starting to open back up, we thought we'd run through some of the best options out there for taking your music outside. 

Bose S1 Pro 

This speaker is about as trusty as they come. We have a couple in each store blasting tunes out and we even loved them so much it didn't take long before the guys in the office demanding one! Offering a rich, full sound without sacrificing portability, these are your first stop for taking your garden parties up a notch. Easy to set up, very connectable, user friendly and built by a brand that puts out nothing but quality gear, you really can't go wrong with this one guys. We even use them as monitors when we're recording live vocalists in the store and the sound is just unbelievable for their price. Whether you're looking to get sorted for your grand return to busking, or just need something to keep heads nodding while you man the expertly charred sausages on your grill, we really can't recommend this speaker enough. 

Evolve 30M

If you're looking for something with a little more power, then Electro Voice may just have the answer. Ideal for kitting out beer gardens, outdoor spaces or similar, their Evolve 30M speaker is one of our favourites for slightly larger purposes. We've seen these used in tons of applications from just playing music through a phone, to acoustic guitarists, to DJs banging out full-on house sets. They really can cope with everything you'd ever care to throw at them. There's also a ton of built-in effects that sound fantastic and offer even more control over your sound. In short, the Evolve 30M really is an all in one system that ticks all the boxes for us as musicians. On top of that, this setup is pretty straightforward to set up and get a great sound from, plus it's so slim that it can fit in almost anywhere. Perfect for anyone setting up intimate outside events these offer pristine quality and loads of punch. You won't be disappointed!

LD Systems Maui 5

Built to be super portable but maintain a solid sound, the LD Systems Maui 5 is another great column option for those of you needing something a little larger. It's not dissimilar in style to the Evolve 30M but this one comes in as a far much option if you'd rather not make too big an investment for your first outdoor PA. However, don't think that means LD have sacrificed on quality because we were actually quite taken aback by how huge the Maui 5 speakers sounded when they first arrived. LD Systems always make quality gear but these just sound phenomenal for the price. Delivering 800 watts of power, they're plenty loud and of course feature Bluetooth so you can hook up to them easily and get the party started. These are a great shout for small venues who've been keeping an eye out for some outdoor speakers that won't break the bank, or they'll also sound great in your garden if you want something a bit more professional to impress your pals!


Sometimes you just need something with a bit more of a traditional feel and plenty of control, particularly if you're a performer yourself. This is where the Yamaha STAGEPAS 600BT comes in! As robust as they come, built like a tank and great-sounding, this is one of our favourite no-nonsense PA setups that can easily be thrown in the back of a van and taken to a venue. Ideal for open mics, acoustic nights or whatever your gig of choice is these sound great and better yet, having your own set will give you the opportunity to really hone in your sound before you even leave the house. Having your performance ruined by muddy speakers that the venue has set up poorly is a heartbreaking feeling after working so hard to put the hours of practice in. We've all been there and take our word for it, once you start using your own setup there's no going back. This is a classic plug and play PA setup that also features more modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity (just in case your tunes aren't cutting it!) All things considered, the STAGEPAS 600BT sums up what Yamaha does best - make no-frills great sounding gear that'll last a lifetime. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you own a venue or are just thinking of turbocharging the tunes in your garden there are a ton of awesome options out there and these are just a few of them. Remember, we're always happy to chat about what's on offer to make sure you end up with the best possible gear for you. We want you to take home the PA gear that's the perfect fit for you so come and have a chat with us and try a few different models out. At the very least you'll have fun blasting some tunes when you put them to the test!

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