Our Top Classic Rock Ballads

Published on 06 August 2020

Lighters in the air folks! We're taking things down a notch today... 

Here at guitarguitar, we love nothing more than slow to mid-tempo love ballad. Yup, and we're not afraid to say it - there's nothing better than a song filled with so much passion and emotion. 

Today we’re looking at the ultimate Classic Rock ballads - we’re talking about the ones that get you feeling all the feels, get your arms swaying side to side, make you belt out all the lyrics the records that tug on the old heartstrings. While artists like the Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac are awesome at busting out some high energy performances, they're also great at slowing things down and cracking out the acoustic guitar or piano. 

Let's have a look, shall we? 

Wild horses - Rolling stones

There are so many elements to this record that we love, and every time we hear it - it just gets better and better. Layered guitars, soaring vocals, and delicious harmonies...  just a few of our favourite things. This is one of those songs that come in through your ears, go right into your blood-stream, and heal every part of your body. Deeeelightful.

Knockin’ on Heavens Door - Bob Dylan

It's got to be said, this of the greatest soundtrack of our lives. So great, it’s been covered by numerous musicians, including Guns n Roses, Eric Clapton and Roger Waters just to name a few. Whether you’re a fan of the original or love the cover versions, you gotta agree that this song just tugs on the old heartstrings.

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

Not only this record one of our favourite classic rock ballads, this one is probably the most romantic song ever written. EVER. We know that’s quite a bold statement to make, but seriously. The lyrics and that iconic guitar riff just sends shivers up our spine. Written while Clapton was waiting for Pattie Boyd (then-girlfriend and future wife) to get ready for a night out, this song always has us feeling all the feels. 

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

Here’s a real tear jerker for yau. Joining the band in 1975, this was one of the many songs that Stevie and Lindsay brought to Fleetwood Mac. Being one of Stevie’s more personal songs, this record really showcases her endless songwriting talents. When she wrote this song, Stevie was at a real crossroads in her life, with her and Lindsay’s duo solo album not going down as well as they had hoped, mixed in with their failing relationship - there’s no doubt that you can hear the true heartache in this track.

November Rain - Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses sure have had some groundbreaking and history making moments during their time. When this track was released in 1992, at the time, it was one of the most expensive music videos ever made - costing a cool $1.5million! In more recent times, November Rain beames the first pre-YouTube era video to hit a billion views. And quite rightly so, it’s a belter of a ballad and a belter of a video!

Let it be - the Beatles

Of course we had to feature this one! As soon as you hear that opening piano chord progression, you sure know what you're in for - 4 minutes and 3 seconds of utter greatness. The origins of this classic ballad is an interesting one, as McCartney claimed to have been visited by his late mother Mary in his dream, who gave him such words of advice, Let it be. Paul clearly ran with this dream, and created one of the final hits the Beatles would have. The lyrics in this track are absolute gold, and something we can all relate to, more so than ever!

Against All Odds - Phil Collins 

SO TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOWWW.  Honesty, this song gets us feeling all the feels - it has everything a classic ballad should me. So much emotion, powerful lyrics and an epic arrangement.Seriously, if this isn't one of your favourite Rock ballads, take a long hard look at your self in the mirror. Just kidding... 


Well, there you have it folks, some of our favourite Classic Rock ballads. We hope you joined us in sparking those lighters and belting out the lyrics. Let us know your favourite Classic Rock Ballad in the comments below. 


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