6 Bands Who Sound a LOT Like Other Bands!

Published on 08 June 2021

Mark Twain once said that “there is no such thing as a new idea”. Well, as musicians we kind of have to say that we beg to differ. Although, now we think about it, there are certainly plenty of bands who share... well, let's just say some similarities. In today's blog, we're going to take a look at a few artists who sound very familiar for one reason or another. Now, (disclaimer time) this is not to say they don't have their own set of great tunes. In fact, we actually rate everyone on this list. However, there's no getting around some of these comparisons. Let's dive in, shall we?


Greta Van Fleet vs Led Zeppelin 

First up we have Michigan's own Greta Van Fleet. A throwback to a time where rock 'n' roll reigned supreme, the four piece are fantastic musicians and have earned themselves a solid fanbase through their energetic, no nonsense, hard rock approach. However, throughout their career, they haven't been able to escape comparison to a certain Biritsh invasion band. Now who could that be... Thundering drums, big hair and even bigger riffs and then, that voice... 

Yep, Greta Van Fleet may have their own vibe, but there's no escaping the fact that they sound an awful lot like Led Zepellin! Lead singer Josh Kiszka's wailing voice is almost uncanny to that of a certain Mr Plant but even musicially, the band's style draws so much inspiration from Zep's early albums. To be honest, we ain't complaining, for those of us too young to witness the legendary rockers in their prime, this serves at least as some kind of modern alternative. Plant has addressed this in the past and we have to say, he doesn't seem bitter in the slightest. To be honest he largely seems pretty envious that they're still young and rocking!


Ozma vs Weezer

Next on our hit list are Ozma; a new wave, fuzzy pop band who came together and began recording in the mid nineties. As indie as they come, the group started laying down tracks on old cassettes at home before launching their own label to release music on. They have some really cool songs but with a fun, fuzzy vibe and a singer who has a distinctive, Californian twang, we reckon it's no exaggeration to say that if you listened to these guys' early records with your eyes closed, you may well mistake them for a young, Blue Album era Weezer.

That said, Rivers and his cronies clearly didn't let it put them off since Ozma's big break actually came from being invited to tour with the band in 2001! Weezer asked their listeners to vote for who should support them on their website and lo and behold, it turned out a lot of them were big Ozma fans (who'd have guessed it...). The band must've done a good job since they were asked back the next time the fantasticaly nerdy foursome hit the road. Ozma have gone on to release a number of albums, staying pretty active aside from a few breaks. To be honest, given the direction Weezer took, they actually sound a lot like how many thought the band would turn out. Have a listen and you'll soon see what we mean.


Silversun Pickups vs Smashing Pumpkins

Our next band, the Silversun Pickups, have earned a solid following in their own right. Their dreamy LA sound is totally hypnotising, with guitars laced in clever effects and some really catchy choruses that keep you coming back for more. However, singer Brian Aubert's softly spoken singing style has turned a few heads over the years, drawing comparisions with Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins' extremely influential second album Siamese Dream. They don't seem too phased though and given that Billy Corgan himself is a fan, we reckon they'd happily take the feedback!

Perhaps as a response to these comments, the Silversun Pickup's musc has kind of evolved over the years and credit where it's due, they definitely have their own sound. That said, their first few records do have a distinct fuzzy, dreaminess that does feel very familiar. Big Muff anyone?


Airbourne vs AC/DC

The Aussies have produced some killer rock acts over the years haven't they? All about the good times, the hard partying, face melting, big riffing Airbourne are the latest in a long line of bands from down under who are an absolute riot to see live. With a catalogue of big bouncy heavy anthems that you can't help but rock out to, they are good old fashioned fun and we love em for it.

The high energy (often shirtless) four piece are a blast but they've struggled to shake off their early music's striking resemblence to their fellow countrymen, AC/DC. Yep, you thought it sounded familiar didn't you?

From the rhythm parts to the searing solos, to the gratuitous use of the chant "hey!", it doesn't take a mind reader to work out these chaps' influences. Don't let it put you off though, how often do you turn on the TV and see a band that just proper rocks these days? Savour it folks, groups like this don't come around too often. 


Electric Wizard vs Black Sabbath

When you name yourself after not one, but two Black Sabbath songs, people are always going to make that link. When you follow it up with slow, doom laden guitar riffs and wailing vocals, it's a wrap. We actually kind of admire Electric Wizard for embracing their Sabbath influenced sound and being up front about it. These dudes idolise the lords of metal and that's never a bad thing!

With album names such as Wizard Bloody Wizard, these rockers wear their influences proud for the whole world to see. They do put their own spin on things too, using some really tasty effects to build on the traditional metal sound and make it even heavier, crunchier and more modern. Although not the most original sound wise, the Electric Wizard lads know how to write a tune and we'd thoroughly recommend giving them a spin next time your looking for some Iommi inspired riffage!


Bush vs Nirvana

In the wake of Nirvana's sudden end, the grunge scene was left in tatters and a new more indie sound came forward from the ashes. However, the few years that followed Kurt's death saw a number of bands popping up who were still very much in the midst of their grunge phase! London based rockers Bush were one of the more succesful to rise to fame during this time, with tracks Like Glycerin and Comedown getting a ton of airplay and earning them a solid following. However, there was something in the wonky time signatures, fuzzy power chords and throaty vocals that sounded uncannily like a certain Seattle 3 piece...

The Nirvana comparisons came thick and fast for these chaps and we can imagine it got old pretty fast. Frontman Gavin Rossdale has even commented on this before in interviews saying the response was "a bit unfair and a bit exaggerated". Just like Kurt, he was a huge Pixies fan so maybe their influences just stemmed from the same place? Either way, there's no denying the similarities and hey, Bush had some great tunes, so why fight it?


Final Thoughts

With so many incredible bands out there, almost everything is bound to sound like something else (well, except SUNN O))) that is). The groups on our list all have some killer tunes and are really solid musicians, so we certainly don't hold their influences against them! In fact, some of the most influential artists of all time got accused of the very same so we won't waste any time splitting hairs - if it rocks, we like it. We also had a blast writing this and taking a journey down memory lane so drop us a comment with more soundalikes so we can keep geeking out! 

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