Maestro Returns With Their Original Series Of Guitar Pedals

Published on 18 January 2022

It is with great excitement we present to you the return of Maestro! Heralding back to the very beginning of guitar effects, the Maestro name has played an integral role in the transformation of guitar tone.

From polite clean tones to the face-melting fuzz induced sounds that can be achieved today, the Maestro Original Collection is an old school veteran fresh on the scene. Seemingly out of nowhere, Maestro has gifted us with an entirely new range, spewing a smorgasbord of retro-inspired pure analogue effects into the hands of the modern player.

Each unit has been carefully reconstructed to meet the modern-day demands of the 21st-century guitarist. This includes True Bypass switching, a new consistent interface, and a rugged build that can withstand the entourage of shoes bashing them into action.

Maestro Pedals Original Collection

The first Maestro effect was brought to life in 1962 in the form of the FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone. Gibson, who still own the brand today, were responsible for first putting the pedal into production.

It would not take long for the FZ-1 to grasp the imagination of guitarists looking to expand their guitar's sonic palette. Fuzz had already started making its way into the eardrums of intrigued listeners, but the sound was only achievable with a faulty or overdriven mixing desk preamp. Maestro took this seemingly unattainable sound and boxed it up for the masses to enjoy. Now Maestro is back to take your guitar tones on a retro escapade through analogue goodness.


Fuzz Tone Fz-M

It's mellow, It's raucous, It's tender, it's raw, it's the Maestro Fuzz-Tone! To quote, "even if you haven't heard of Maestro, you will have definitely heard Maestro". The Fuzz-Tone made its major break when it blared into the unsuspecting ears of Rock' n' Roll fans via the major Rolling Stones hit 'Satisfaction'. Its distinctly bright fuzz is as instantly recognisable as the Satisfaction lick itself.

Now speaking to a whole new generation of players, Maestro has re-released this Fuzz back into the wild. Those familiar with the original pedal will quickly notice that this box has received a massive makeover. Maestro has torn this pedal apart limb from limb and reassembled it to work on the modern player's board. Moving the tone shaping controls to the top of the pedal gives you easy access to the wide spectrum of sounds available. The signal path has also been relocated with your in and out at the top of the unit. This has been done to avoid the mind-bending exercise of cable pilates which is usually required to integrate a vintage pedal onto your board.

Invader Distortion

Get up close and personal with the Ivader Distortion.  This new Maestro creation will invade your personal space with its thick unapologetic distortion. A simple set of controls gives you all the apparatus you need to paint your tonal portrait. For some, the unpredictable temperament of a high gain pedal is part of the thrill, but for those looking to harness this beast's power in a more controlled manner, there is the onboard noise gate. An internal trim pot will enable you to adjust the threshold for maximum control.

An artistic vision for this range of pedals sees a unique artwork presented on each effect that aims to capture their individual characteristics. Adding further to its retro appeal is the iconic three bugle logo which lights up when the pedal is active.

Comet Chorus

The Maestro Comet Chorus hearkens back to the cosmic grasp that identified a unique moment in history. The space race had inspired a culture that was obsessed with the extraterrestrial. These otherworldly themes coincided with the birth of Maestro and kept musicians seeking sounds that seemed out of this world. Now, like a billionaire itching to enter the edge of space, you too can enter orbit.

The mini-toggle switch can take you from a subtle down to earth effect to a chorus experience that takes you beyond our planet's atmosphere. The Orbit setting adds amplitude modulation, which can quickly take you on a journey into the obscure wibbly wobbly world of heavily chorused guitar. This is a versatile box with pure analogue BBD circuitry at its core.

Discoverer Delay

The Discoverer Delay sends you on a path of sonic exploration that expands beyond the controls immediately presented to you. The modulation switch acts like a key that unlocks a previously undiscovered section of this pedal.

Lurking beneath the surface in its all-analogue labyrinth of components are two trimmable pots. The first internal trim pot allows you to adjust the speed of the modulation, whilst the second gives you control over its width. Tweaking these secret pots can transform your modulated delays from a tape like flutter into crazed pitch-shifted repeats.

Ranger Overdrive

Kick your amplifier into gear with the Maestro Ranger Overdrive. This little box has a malleable output that can be moulded from a light-responsive drive into a tight crispy crunch via a simple control set.

The HI-LO switch is the main tool required for setting your headroom. The Ranger provides you with increased headroom whilst simultaneously feeding in some of your clean signal in the HI position. If you want to increase your headroom further, you can try plugging in a 12v power supply for an extremely responsive drive that is perfect for an always-on effect.

It is hard not to appreciate the retro vibes this pedal oozes out of every inch in its design. The red high voltage lightning bolt that cuts through the name stamped on its enclosure screams Rock n Roll!


Whether it be the bright spitty fuzz of the original FZ-1, a modulation steeped in vintage appeal, or a thick wall of 70’s style distortion, the Maestro Original Series is sure to have a wedge that speaks to you. So, with an entirely new range to get your teeth stuck into, which pedal will you be tucking into first?

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