Should I Buy an Electronic Drum Kit? Our Ultimate Buying Guide

Published on 28 March 2022

So you have a passion for hitting things with a stick. Well, you are in the right place. It is a common misconception that we only specialise in guitars. When in fact, we also offer a huge range of electronic drum kits as well as P.A. (we didn't think drumdrum had the same ring to it as guitarguitar).

In this article, we are going to give you an electronic drum kit buying guide, delving into are electronic drum kits worth it and, if so, which electronic drum kit to buy.


Should I Buy An Electric or Acoustic Drum Kit?

The first thing to consider when answering this question is the space in which you intend to use the kit. Unfortunately, not all drummers are blessed with their own rehearsal space free from neighbours, and those that are often have to travel to a lock up away from where they live.

Think how much additional time you could spend practising if you could have your drum kit in your home. This is where the electronic kit shines. Lay into an acoustic kit in your living room, and you can guarantee your neighbour's head will explode into a bloody mist of rage. Sure, you might not be able to hear them smacking your door like Conor McGregor over the sound of your tight beats, but there is a better way. Whack on some headphones and smack away. Now your ears will be filled with high-quality drum samples as your house echoes with the far more quiet sound of stick-on pad action.

Because electronic kits allow you to retain high-quality drum sounds at lower volume levels, it makes it easier to avoid hearing damage. You can now decide how loudly you want to pump sound directly into your ears via a simple volume control. You can use hearing protection with an acoustic kit, but unless you invest in some high-quality inserts, the sound will lack high end with attenuation in the bass. Overall the sound quality of an electronic kit with the volume down will be more consistent with how you would expect a kit to sound, just quieter.


How Durable Are Electronic Drums?

Durability is an important consideration when buying anything, especially when you intend to smack said item with a blunt object. Luckily electronic drum manufacturers have considered this when designing these kits. You will notice that the pads are either made out of a durable rubber or mesh material. Mesh pads are often found on the higher-spec kits as they respond more naturally to impact, giving you the same bounce back as an acoustic drum skin. For additional peace of mind, guitarguitar also offers a three-year warranty on new items, including electronic drum kits.

Can You Use An Electric Drum Kit Live?

In short, yes you can. They are an excellent tool for drummers looking to obtain a consistent sound wherever they go. Electronic drums are also a great solution for smaller spaces as the other musicians do not have to be overly loud to compensate for the uncontrollable level of an acoustic kit. In addition, they can also be a useful recording tool as they require minimal setup, and on higher-spec models such as the Roland VAD503 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Kit you can record all the drums on separate stems via the USB out.

Which Electronic Drum Kit Should I Buy?

There is an abundance of kits to choose from at varying price points, so it can be hard to know where to start. First, consider where you are in your drumming journey. A stripped-back kit will give you a durable platform to get you going if you are just starting out. One of our Tourtech range kits is an ideal platform to get you started, or you can take a look at our range of beginner electronic drum kits.

If you are already a player and used to an acoustic kit, mesh heads are a must-have. The Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum Kit has been a popular choice for intermediate to advanced players thanks to its?mesh head drum technology.

For those looking for a no expenses spared kit that does everything, you could consider the Roland TD-07KVX. It has increased sensor zones on both snare and cymbal pads for more accurate drum triggering as well as a feature-rich drum brain.

Roland TD-07KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

There is the perfect electronic drum kit for everyone and we can help you find it. Make sure to get in touch so one of our drum experts can guide you through the process of finding your perfect kit.

Please be aware that it is extremely important to read the descriptions carefully before purchasing an electronic drum kit, as most kits are modular and do not include all the parts.

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