Luke La Volpe Performs For The Shure Sessions

Published on 29 March 2022

Drop everything! This session is a must-watch! 

It’s time to release another one of our Shure Sessions into the world and so say hello to our next guests Luke La Volpe, who happens to have one of the most distinctive voices we’ve ever heard! Hailing from Bathgate, West Lothian, Luke has been on our ‘ones to watch’ list for a good while now and it’s been amazing to see him making some serious waves in the industry. Luke’s voice is deep, dramatic and let’s not forget about that insane vibrato technique, which is something he learned from his granddad who was a singer in a military band. Luke is a proper old soul and a super down to earth guy who has a genuine passion for what he does.

Make note of the name, Luke La Volpe as we predict HUGE things for his future. 

Watch Luke La Volpe perform "Terribly Beautiful", "Alter Ego", "Judging Books" and "Familiar Bliss" for the Shure Sessions below. Enjoy! 


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