Ozark Mandolins

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About Ozark Mandolins

Ozark mandolins cover many traditional designs, all with authentic hardware and styling. Round body A-style designs, f-holes, vintage finishes...Ozark mandolins have it all - and at a price that is very reasonable.

In addition to mandolins, we stock other similar instruments by Ozark such as bouzoukis, Appalachian dulcimers, octave mandolas and balalaikas. These instruments and more can all be found within the folk instruments area of each guitarguitar store's acoustic department. Whatever your folk music needs, Ozark are bound to have an instrument for you and we are very likely to have it! Visit your local guitarguitar UK store or have a browse here online at our entire stock and choose your favourite for delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ozark Mandolins

Question: Where are Ozark Mandolins made?
Ozark mandolins are made in either China or Romania, depending on the model.