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About Peavey Amps

Founded in 1965, Peavey Amps have been around almost as long as rock music. While they have a range of models, they are best known for the searing heavy metal sound they pioneered with Eddie Van Halen in the late 80s and early 90s.

Originally called the 5150 but rebranded in 2005, the Peavey 6505 is known as a particularly bright high gain amp. As such it, is wonderful for aggressively cutting through the mix. It has been used by many hard rock and metal players over the last 30 years including Bullet for My Valentine, Machine Head and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. With its brutal 120w power rating, the 6505 is a live staple, capable of blowing the roof of any venue.

Today, Peavey have a wide range of models, designed with every player in mind. Their Classic Series replicates the 50s ‘tweed’ sound that Hartley Peavey fell in love with after seeing Bo Diddley perform in 1957. They have also introduced the Vypyr Series of advanced digital modelling amps. These amps are the perfect home practice solution for guitarists serious about their tone. They are also great for beginners who’d like a wide range of sounds to experiment with.

What makes Peavey Amps different?

  • Pioneers of the modern high-gain sound.
  • Amps for bedrooms to arenas
  • Played by many iconic guitarists including EVH
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Peavey Amps

    Question: Does Peavey still make amps?
    Yes! Peavey are very much still alive and kicking. As well as continuing to make modern classics such as the 6505, they make a wide range of amps suitable for every guitar player.
    Question: Where are Peavey amps made?
    Peavey production is split between their facilities in Mississippi, USA and China. Flagship models such as the 6505 are still made in America.