Line 6 FBV Shortboard USB

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Easy to use to quickly control effects on my Line 6 Amplifi guitar amp.

I.M. - 21/7/2015

Bought this as a present for my son and he is really pleased with it. Well worth the money and looks the part

M.D. - 21/5/2015

Does exactly what it says on the tin

A.C. - 19/3/2015

The FBV shortboard completes the Spider Jam Amp, with the FBV plugged into a PC You can remap the FBV, Update Your Amp and I also Believe You can Download other Effects (Not used this Function but I'm sure I read it on the Line 6 Forums). <br/> <br/>I use the FBV for Recording, Wah Wah and changing effects, checkout The Mudskipper999 on Youtube to hear a couple of Recordings using the FBV <br/> <br/>It's a great Tool

A.H. - 14/1/2014

Does exactly what it is supposed to do, cannot fault it in any way.

R.O. - 13/7/2012

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