Bogner Uberschall Pedal Overdrive/Distortion

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Customer reviews

Overall Rating 5/5 (8 reviews)

Chris A. - 29/9/2021

The best choice for me. Thanks Al!

Vince V. - 21/7/2021

Awesome pedal, great sound and amazing price!

Hakan I. - 5/7/2021

I have many distortion pedals and this is a very good addition to my collection. Only grip is the boost control is very small.

Mark H. - 29/4/2021

great product good price.

Bob A. - 25/3/2021

Great pedal, great drive yet still retaining a transparent sound and tone. The boost switch is great for guitar solos with the db boost being adjustable.

Dean M. - 20/11/2020

Does exactly what it said it would

Geraint G. - 14/8/2020

Uber distortion for uber deal ?

Lucas B. - 3/6/2020

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