Line 6 Amplifi TT

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Line 6 Amplifi TT

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Manufacturer's ID: 99-060-2205

What we say:

Line 6 innovate once again with the Amplifi TT. This little box has a lot of power up its sleeve!

The Amplifi TT is a table top device with Bluetooth capability for achieving top quality guitar sounds in any room in your house that has a stereo or home cinema system.

Amplifi TT works with the Amplifi Remote app to give you wireless access to unlimited amounts of guitar tones from within the app and from the cloud. There are thousands of presets freely available with seriously low latency performance.

Not only that: you can stream music from your library through the same channels and jam along with tones that can be selected to match up with the song! There is a headphone output is you want more private sessions and there are comprehensive connections on the back for USB, 1/4”, RCA and TOSLINK outputs.

Is this the ultimate jamming tool? We think so! The open ended nature of the app and cloud presets means you can pretty much sound exactly as you wish at all times: the days of the humble practice amp look numbered!


Jam, practice and record—anytime.

AMPLIFi™ TT is a tabletop multi-effect that transforms any room into a jam space so you can play, practice and record guitar more easily than ever. Launch the AMPLIFi Remote app and start jamming to the music you love—in your home, office, dorm room or anywhere in between. Play through over 200 award-winning amps and effects, instantly match the tones of your favorite guitarists, turn your stereo into a streaming speaker system, and more. With AMPLIFi TT, you'll be able to turn on the music and rock out anytime you have a free moment.

Enjoy guitar jam sessions on your home stereo.

Connect the AMPLIFi TT guitar processor to your stereo or home theater and you'll instantly have a great-sounding guitar amp and Bluetooth® streaming speaker system. Plug in and rock out during boring TV commercials. Jam to your favorite riffs between calls at work. Play along with songs in your music library. Or just crank the volume on your favorite album at the end of a long day. AMPLIFi TT gives you more ways than ever to enjoy the music you love.

Great tone. Wireless music. On iOS and Android.

The AMPLIFi Remote app for iOS and AndroidTM puts unlimited tonal possibilities at your fingertips—and integrates wireless music into your digital world in new ways. Simply pick a song from your music library and automatically get matching guitar tone selections. Join a huge online community of guitarists, and access thousands of tones in the cloud. And forget about using tiny knobs or screens to dial in your tone—AMPLIFi Remote lets you control every aspect of your amp and effects directly from your iOS or Android device.

Amazing tone. Super low-latency monitoring.

With AMPLIFi TT, it's never been easier or more fun to jam and record with amazing guitar tone. Featuring loads of DSP, the AMPLIFi TT guitar effects processor delivers amp modeling with incredible sound quality. Instantly dial up more than 200 incredible amps and effects. Choose from thousands of presets—including the Line 6 tones heard on hundreds of hit records. Plus, with super low-latency monitoring and easy standalone operation, AMPLIFi TT offers a much more satisfying and realistic guitar recording experience than ordinary tone plugs-ins and apps.

A fast, fun new way to get great guitar tones.

AMPLIFi Remote delivers an intuitive and deep tone editing experience that puts you in control of your sound. Adjust every aspect of your tone and effects directly from your iOS or Android device. Easily create and modify your own tones based on more than 200 legendary amps and effects. You can instantly recall your custom tones and access unlimited presets. The AMPLIFi experience gives you unprecedented control over your sound—nothing else comes close.

Want a closer look? Download the free AMPLIFi Remote app to your iOS or Android device now.

Instant access to legendary guitar tone.

Innovative Line 6 tone-matching technology takes the work out of dialing in the perfect tone, and enables you to match the tone of your favorite guitarist in an instant. Select any song in your music library, and AMPLIFi automatically provides matching tone selections via the cloud. Experience the world's most legendary guitar tones—at the ready. Sometimes a tone can get even better when tweaked to match the specifics of a particular guitar and playing style.  Using the AMPLIFi Remote editor, you can easily dial it in the tone to your liking and share the improved version to the cloud; when a new tone is shared, others in the community will see it in their tonematch results.  If they like it they'll vote it up in the ranking, and you'll have made your contribution to the world of ROCK!

Tap into an online community of peers and artists.

With a huge cloud community of guitarists uploading their best patches, AMPLIFi Remote provides a unique and powerful resource for finding tones. Within the cloud community, you can rate your favorite tones, upload your own—and even share tones via Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, you can build your musical network by connecting with other musicians and fans. The AMPLIFi cloud automatically keeps all your devices up to date and synchronized. You can store an unlimited number of presets in the cloud—and access them anywhere.

Personalized results
As you rate and favorite guitar tones in the cloud, AMPLIFi starts to learn your tastes and delivers a unique set of tone match results based on how you've rated and favorite tones. But if you want something completely different, AMPLIFi has you covered.

For example, let's say you want to shred over a classical track, but the crystal-clean acoustic tone on the recording isn't what you're looking for. You can favorite a killer shred tone, and the app will automatically load it every time you play that classical track.


  • 70+ guitar amps, 100+ effects and 20+ speaker cabinets
  • Up to 8 simultaneous effects
  • Bluetooth streaming audio (works with Android, iOS, Mac, PC)
  • AMPLIFi Remote app for iOS and Android—share, rate and store tones
  • Access 4 tones from the front panel, plus tap tempo and tuner
  • Wirelessly control every detail of your guitar rig
  • 100 onboard presets
  • 1/4" Guitar input and 1/8" Stereo Aux input
  • 1/4", RCA and TOSLINK outputs
  • 1/4" Headphone output
  • FBV and USB connections
  • USB recording

AMPLIFi Remote app for iOS and Android

  • Remotely control amp parameters to dial in your sound
  • Automatic tone matching instantly provides the perfect tones for jamming with songs in your music library
  • Access thousands of tones online
  • Share and rate tones in the cloud
  • Backup and store unlimited presets in the cloud
  • Share tones via Twitter and Facebook
  • Made for iPhone® 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad AirTM, iPad miniTM with Retina, iPad® (4th generation), iPad miniTM, iPod touch® (5th generation), compatible Android™ devices running OS v4.2 or better*

*iOS recording via camera connection kit

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Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.7 (23 reviews)

delighted with product, sounds great and is great value for money

Andy B. - 30/11/2019

I have a Helix Floor but wanted something to stay connected to my PC/DAW. Very impressed with the sound of the Amplifi TT and the scope it affords. Wealth of tones for the money and the recording interface was easy to set up. It's a perfect jam partner too especially with the Bluetooth option - backing track on phone, streamed to Amplifi TT and all out through the same speaker. If you are a lowly amateur like me then I would strongly recommend this for quality and above all convenience.

Paul F. - 29/11/2019

Andy B. - 28/11/2019

For £99 I'm blown away with the range and quality of sounds from this box. On top of that it serves as a USB audio interface, Bluetooth receiver and pre-amp.

Dan W. - 26/9/2019

Does what it says on the tin.

James M. - 26/6/2019

Everyone else doing these at around £170, GuitarGuitar under a ton. What's not to like?

David B. - 26/6/2019

Does just what I wanted. Let's me plug a guitar through my HiFi as I don't have room by my TV for a guitar amp

russell j. - 20/5/2019

Very versatile processor, infinite sound combinations and very user friendly

Andrea P. - 15/5/2019

So far really good, already got the best tone I?ve ever had. The app can be a little unpredictable though but not to bad.

Gary P. - 15/5/2019

would have got five but can only connect computer via usb and bluetooth can wander on playing own library . effects are pretty good with a lot of tinkering ,not bad as a daws interface, latency is pretty good, no replacement for a main amp but as a practice amp i like it

andrew f. - 27/3/2019

Handy No fuss Gadget Easy to Use

jonathan w. - 13/3/2019

terry w. - 21/2/2019

Great for home practice/recording

David B. - 16/2/2019

Wayne . - 16/2/2019

Very good product, far better than the AMPLIFi 75 unit. It feels better built and better thought out with a higher quality edge. I am considering running this as my permenant gig rig through a good quality PA. never had an issue with the Bluetooth although I have heard that these are prone to problems. Personally I like to set 4 core sounds and then leave the phone at home and just use the dials on the front panel.

jamie r. - 16/2/2019

It has taken me a bit of time to understand how the product works. It is a very useful tool. My only gripe is that the Bluetooth function between the product and my iPad is not always stable and drops out occasionally.

Philip B. - 15/2/2019

Good desktop amp, I use this with just headphones at my desk. Good sounds and works well with the app to download various tones

Richard J. - 5/2/2019

This thing is tiny and totally awesome. With the iPad app connected, you can generate literally any tone your heart desires. Simple to use, wonderfully compact and very user friendly.

Eric H. - 21/6/2018

Very good value. I checked arround before buying. Service up to there usual standard. Product looks good but still finding new features so can't give comprehensive review.

Ivan C. - 21/6/2018

Steven R. - 19/6/2018

Great product with intuitive app control of tons of amp simulations and effects via WiFi. Very useful 'jam' feature, to play along with MP3. Haven't tried to use it for recording yet.

James R. - 18/6/2018

Great product looks good permanently connected to the hifi in the lounge. Very intuatitive and remarkable easy to use via an iPad in my case. Superb sounds built in with a a vast library to search through online and download.

S.. - 12/2/2016

Great little amp - you can put it anywhere and looks elegant. fully versatile - easy to set up for variety of sounds in addition to the factory pre set. Great for both clean and overdrive sounds.

F.. - 12/10/2015

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