Korg Kronos 2 88

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Graham C. - 21/8/2019

I have been way hing all about the kronos on YouTube for quite a while before I decided to finally purchase this workstation. I can tell you I was not disappointed. I think it will take me a long long time to go through all of this workstation features but I'm sure I'll enjoy every minute.

Kenneth A. - 28/7/2019

As a live performance keybd with Karma to vary the sounds and RHYTHM on the fly , it is fabulous. As a sequencer , use a DAW.

mike T. - 21/7/2018

Amazing bit of kit, does everything I need and a whole lot more

Stephanie S. - 23/4/2018

An absolutely brilliant keyboard - I just can't praise it highly enough - I sold 3 keyboards and replaced them with one ! - that does everything that they did and so much more besides- it will take me a lifetime just to trawl through all the amazing sounds .

G.C. - 22/7/2015

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