Roland JD-Xi Hybrid Synthesizer (Ex-Demo) #C4M7209

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Roland JD-Xi Hybrid Synth

Roland JD-Xi Hybrid Synth

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This is the first synth I?ve bought. I wanted to get a middle of the road product, not something too cheap or too expensive. The reviews of this online were good. I?ve only used it a handful of times so far. Sound wise it?s brilliant, it gives u all those sounds you would hear on trance music from the 90s to the modern day. I bought it for the reason of creating EDM tracks. It?s got everything in between as well, from the Prodigy sounds to Spandau ballet. I would say If your not good with technology, I.e. smart phones, computers or the like, then you?ll find this tricky to operate. It?s got a small display screen and the buttons are small and fiddly. Scrolling through the menus will take a bit of getting used to. If your willing to accept that it?s not a case of plug and play and there a bit more to learn with operating this, then it?s worth the investment. If you want to just plug and play and not fine tune the synth sounds, then a MIDI keyboard would be a lot easier.

Thomas B. - 5/9/2021

Great product. Lots to get used to so early days re experience with this at present but seems to do all what I need it to do. Good connectivity with other midi /usb devices. Great sounds.

Darren S. - 20/5/2021

Great product from Roland

Derek O. - 14/9/2020

Easy to use analogue/digital synthesizer excellent quality and real value for money.

Christopher M. - 22/2/2018

It?s a great synth Really fun

David F. - 18/12/2017

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