Jackson Soloist SLX Floyd Rose Black

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Did lots of research before I purchased this guitar. This style of guitar is my favourite. (many years ago I had a Hohner st Scorpion which looks just like my new Jackson.) I read about the pick ups being Duncan designed, and the reviews on them were mixed from good to better off replacing them. To me they sound awesome through my Vintage Modern head & cab. So it's all about personal taste. The Floyd rose special works fine & stays in tune, however there is slight movement in the tremolo bar when it's tightened up, which can be annoying. I fixed this with a bit of PTFE tape.( the stuff plumbers use on threaded joints) which seems to have fixed it for now. The guitar was fairly well set up, the action is good, I had to adjust the intonation on 2 strings, but it was only slightly out. The floyd rose was perfectly set up thankfully, as they can be a pain to adjust! The finish (black in my case) is excellent & so is the binding. The frets are well finished with no sharp edges You get plenty of guitar for your money, Neck through body, locking floyd rose, shark tooth inlays, & great pick ups in my opinion. Guitar Guitar was also the cheapest on the Internet. I highly recommend this guitar.

Gene P. - 29/5/2020