Line 6 Spider V 60 Combo

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Overall Rating 4.8 (11 reviews)

Exceeded all expectations. A very impressive amp, sounding even better with the MK 2 software upgrade that was simple to install. The amp was advertised at an unbelievably low price. A must buy! Thanks guys.

John M. - 26/9/2019

bernadette m. - 23/9/2019

Because quality and price

Elaine J. - 21/9/2019

Looks and sounds good. Still discovering stuff.

Laurence M. - 21/8/2019

Great tones for a simple lad

Richard B. - 20/7/2019

Excellent sound and great value

Margo H. - 13/6/2019

Does everything I want and probably even more when I get used to it.

Jim H. - 12/6/2019

Just learning, but it's great to have the sounds pre programmed. I had a few pedals, but coukd never get the guitar to sound like the players of songs i am learning. This allows me to get a good starting point.

Paul E. - 13/12/2018

Mr. H. - 10/8/2018

Still experiment I on with all the options but very impressed and like being connected wirelessly to the guitar

Steve R. - 5/4/2018

The staff were very helpful and accommodating.

Jayne L. - 20/2/2018

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