EVH Striped Series 5150 R/B/W

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Eddie Van Halen created something legendary in the late 70s when he first applied his strips of masking tape and layers of spray paint to the body of his famous ‘Frankenstrat’. Tha... read more

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Product Overview

Manufacturer's ID: 5107902515

What we say:

Eddie Van Halen created something legendary in the late 70s when he first applied his strips of masking tape and layers of spray paint to the body of his famous ‘Frankenstrat’. That iconic paint job took on a life of it’s own and made it’s way to not only a stack of his own guitars but t-shirts, trainers, iPhone covers, even cars and jeeps have been seen with this unmistakable design.

Eddie modified his stripes over the years, starting with a more simple black ’n’ white combo seen on the cover of Van Halen’s debut album and moving through to the famous ‘bumblebee’ black and yellow design for Van Halen II but the classic red, white and black is by far his most famous version. A signature model was released in 1983 and took the guitar world by storm: the combination of single bridge humbucker and locking whammy bar become something every manufacturer had to offer.

Fast forward to recent times and EVH, Eddie’s company affiliated with Fender, have for a few years made their great “Stripes’ series available, based on his early Frankenstrats form the 1978-1982 period of Van Halen’s illustrious career. This new 5150 model is the first time they have recreated his famous 1983 period shape with its ‘hockey stick’ headstock. 

As you may rightfully expect, this guitar from EVH is a speed freak’s paradise: a quartersawn C shape maple neck with a hand-rubbed finish and 12-16” compound radius fretboard is married to a basswood (Eddie’s favourite for decades) body with a single Wolfgang humbucker and a Floyd Rose locking tremolo complete with Eddie’s patented D-Tuna invention: a simple and ingenuous device for immediately dropping the low ‘E’ string to a ‘D’ for instant Drop-D tuning. The body AND the headstock have been finished in the red, black and white stripes and there’s even a low-friction volume pot for noise-free volume swells and adjustments.

EVH have been putting out high quality shredding machines for years now, all under the watchful eye and hand of the maestro himself, Eddie Van Halen. For anyone interested in high octane rock, this is Holy Grail stuff.


The Striped Series 5150 has a basswood body identical to the original, with a bolt-on quartersawn maple neck featuring a comfortable modified “C” profile, hand-rubbed back finish and “hockey stick” headstock. The fast-playing compound-radius (12”-16”) maple fingerboard has 22 jumbo frets, black dot inlays and a convenient heel-mounted truss rod adjustment wheel.

The 5150 is also fitted with a custom designed EVH® Wolfgang® alnico 2 Humbucker bridge pickup, delivering the perfect amount of power and articulation with sweet sustain and thick chunky rhythms in a perfectly balanced EQ curve. A custom designed EVH-branded low-friction volume knob provides for unmatched performance and even-volume tapering for the smoothest volume swells.

Decked out with a rock solid “dive bomb” certified EVH-branded Floyd Rose® bridge, each locking nut tailpiece features fine tuners and a patented EVH D-Tuna® for switching back and forth from drop-D to standard tuning in an instant.

With its quintessential red 5150 hologram numbers and star decals, the Striped Series 5150 is a high-powered, high-performance machine that’s as kickass to look at as it is to play.
  • Homage to an iconic guitar
  • Off set Basswood body
  • Graphite reinforced Quartersawn satin maple neck
  • Unique 5150 striped satin paint
  • Hi Quality 5150 reflective decal on body surface w/ matching stars
  • Matching "hockey" headstock w/ red "stinger" on back
  • Spoke wheel truss rod adjustment
  • Compound Radius 12"-16"
  • 22 jumbo frets
  • Direct Mount Wolfgang Humbucker (Black)
  • EVH / Bourns Low Friction Volume Pot
  • Chrome hardware
  • EVH®-Branded Floyd Rose® FRTO-1000 w/ D-Tuna® and R3 Locking Nut
  • EVH Tuners