Korg Kronos LS

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A workhorse that does it all, the Kronos 2 certainly isn’t limited to the capabilities of a stage piano, this monster acts as a keyboard, synthesizer, sampler, drum machine, sequen... read more

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Product Overview

Manufacturer's ID: KRONOS88-LS

What we say:

A workhorse that does it all, the Kronos 2 certainly isn’t limited to the capabilities of a stage piano, this monster acts as a keyboard, synthesizer, sampler, drum machine, sequencer and effects unit... and does so remarkably well. Now redesigned to be more portable than ever, this is the most lightweight Kronos yet. It also features a light-touch keyboard to allow for better playability than ever before.

There are nine distinct sound engines hidden within the body of the Kronos 2. Each of these has their own parameters and effects, giving you an unbelievable range of choices and options. It’s well built with an exceptionally sleek, streamlined design for a workstation that has so many functions. They haven’t sacrificed playability either. The Kronos 2 feels comfortable and natural to play on due to the weighted keys which seem sturdy and robust. In fact, both the 88- and 73-key KRONOS models use KORG’s RH-3 Real Weighted Hammer Action for an even more realistic playing experience.

One of the most notable and impressive features of the Kronos 2 is its adaptability. You can customise and tweak pretty much every sound and the value of having this functionality can't be emphasised enough. Everything that you play can be tailored to exact the sound you're looking for, making this one of the most versatile workstations we've come across.

The guys at Korg have also taken time to consider how it’ll be used live. With outstanding transition capabilities, the Kronos 2 never drop into silence when you change sound as the output is prioritised. This means that if you’re playing an organ sound and need to quickly switch to a piano, the Kronos will be able to maintain the original organ until you start playing again.
The Set List mode also ties into this and is a huge benefit for those planning on using the workstation for live performance. Allowing you to customise, label and save presets before playing live, the Kronos to lets you concentrate on playing rather than programming!

The Kronos 2 is none other than a top of the line product from Korg designed for players who demand more from their instruments. This is up there with the best workstations on the market through its incredibly rich sound and texture and its almost unmatched adaptability. The Kronos 2 is sure to exceed your expectations and become your new favourite piece of kit!


Packed with nine versatile sound engines, up to 16 simultaneous effects, 16-part Combinations and so much more, KRONOS is KORG’s most powerful synthesizer ever. To further unlock KRONOS’ potential, KORG introduces a new light-touch 88-key model for a new level of playability - and portability.

New light-touch keyboard for effortless, nimble playing
KORG’s all-new light-touch keyboard makes it easy to play anything from rapid organ licks to synth phrases to glissandi. The mechanism of the keyboard itself has been redesigned so that the velocity is easier to control than on existing light-touch keyboards, even when playing complex chords or difficult phrases. The box-shaped keys share their look with KORG’s premium RH3 action, while providing the faster playing feel of a synth keyboard. Since the keyboard is semi-weighted, it’s also perfect for playing piano and electric piano in any style.

6.3 kg/14 lbs. lighter than KRONOS2-88 for increased portability
The new keyboard makes the instrument markedly lighter than KRONOS2-88 with KORG’s RH3 action, making transport and setup much simpler. At under 19 kg/40 lbs., bringing a full 88-note KRONOS to a show just became more convenient.

New OS v3.1 includes new Quick Layer/Split functions
Along with its dynamic new keyboard, KRONOS LS features the latest KRONOS OS - v3.1 - which puts Quick Layer and Quick Split functions right at users’ fingertips. Effortlessly create layers such as piano and strings, or splits such as electric piano and bass, effortlessly. Numerous additional OS refinements have also been made to further ensure stability and a stress-free performance environment.

A new look to complement its new feel
With its luxurious dark umber aluminum body and beautifully crafted sunburst wood side panels, KRONOS LS is designed to present as beautifully as it plays. KRONOS LS offers an elegant look that’s perfect for home, stage, and studio.


LS keyboard (Velocity-sensitive Semi-Weighted Keyboard)
(W x D x H)
1,426 mm x 364 mm x 134 mm/56.14” x 14.33” x 5.28”
17.8 kg /39.24 lbs.
* All product, company, and standard names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
* Appearance and specifications of products are subject to change without notice.
* The color of the actual instrument may differ slightly from the image shown here.
* Since natural wood is used in the side panels of this instrument, there will be individual differences in the grain and figuration of the wood.
KRONOS LS shares all specifications and features with KRONOS2-88 outside of keyboard type, weight and dimensions.