Line 6 HX Stomp (Ex-Demo) #hxmam7047008020

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Line 6 Helix HX Stomp

Line 6 Helix HX Stomp

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Overall Rating 4.9 (27 reviews)

Line 6 HX Stomp. Excellent.

Paul G. - 7/10/2021

Fantastically versatile piece of kit. Integrates with a bigger rig or functions standalone in a TINY footprint. Feels built like a tank too.

Oliver C. - 19/7/2021

Dan D. - 4/7/2021

Great bit of kit, does everything I need and more.

Brett J. - 26/6/2021

Leticia T. - 5/5/2021

Great product, exactly what I was looking for

Martin D. - 1/5/2021

After lots of research I decided on this for a quiet practice alternative. Very pleased with the product, it's taken me quite a lot of playing around with to get perfect. Hours of fun for anyone!

Alex C. - 1/4/2021

Amazing very happy with service and product

Simon J. - 18/3/2021

Excellent sounds easy to use

Denis j. - 14/2/2021

For my personally its excellent equipment as I play guitar only at home. Powerful modeler with wide range of amps, cabs and effects.

Grzegorz C. - 9/9/2020

Exactly what I wanted, versatile and high quality

Andy B. - 27/7/2020

John B. - 5/7/2020

Simple to use and sounds amazing. Great sounding amp models and effects. Would highly recommend.

Joe C. - 18/6/2020

Out of this world, possibly the best piece of hardware I have ever purchased

martin s. - 27/5/2020

A K. - 24/5/2020

Fantastic sounds, perfect for what I wanted it for.

Ian P. - 21/5/2020

Joss S. - 14/5/2020

Great range of features, amps, effects, but still easy to use. Also very versatile in a direct recording environment. The computer software HX Edit works really well. I've used many PC/Mac software interfaces over the years, and this is the easiest to use.

Austin W. - 25/4/2020

Still getting to grips with it, but am sure that it will prove to be an excellent buy at a very competitive price.

John E. - 26/3/2020

Hugely versatile device, great for making bass, guitar and more tones for live or studio!

James H. - 2/3/2020

Aran L. - 13/2/2020

Great piece of gear but there are limitations. May sound obvious but it is cut down from its big brother.

David G. - 31/10/2019

Easy to use and sounds great

Rob M. - 21/9/2019

Excellent sounds but not intuitive to use. The Cheat sheet - which is all that comes with the box is way too shorthand. The online manual should show in more granular detail the steps to follow to create sounds and allocate and save these -

John . - 6/8/2019

Life changing. Such huge sounds from a small box.

Raymond D. - 20/5/2019

Helix in a stomp box, great tones and no more lugging amps around.

Craig P. - 8/1/2019

Helix in a stomp box, great tones and no more lugging amps around.

Craig P. - 8/1/2019

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