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Overall Rating 4.9/5 (18 reviews)

Parting with L2200 pounds i expect guitars finish to be at a better standard. The guitar play very good and sounds amazing

Fizwan H. - 3/6/2021

Toke R. - 8/5/2021

Amazing guitar loved that I could choose the exact one with wood finish I liked

Michael T. - 5/5/2021

I love this guitar, absolutely amazing tone and sustain. Build quality is excellent. Aesthetically very pleasing. The case feels and looks very high quality. One of the nicest guitars I've ever played.

Ben J. - 30/4/2021

Tom N. - 20/4/2021

I delayed for a number of months because of the price, and there are many excellent guitars in this price bracket. It is awesome. No adjustment to action or intonation. Couldn't be happier

Wesley G. - 16/4/2021

Amazing. Great guitar. I have reached the pinnacle of my GAS. You guys have done me proud.

Anthony B. - 25/3/2021

Quality of build, finish, set up, playability are more than I could dream of. And that smell every time you open that case. Nitro.

Colin . - 14/3/2021

Nikki M. - 30/12/2020

It is an excellent guitar, apart from some slight imperfections along the neck I?m very happy with it

Shaun C. - 29/12/2020

Love the Guitar always wanted a Gibson

David F. - 17/10/2020

This has always been my dream guitar. My awful playing doesn?t warrant it, but I still wanted one.

Nick T. - 11/10/2020

Thomas W. - 17/6/2020

Beautiful guitar in all ways. Played fantastically out the box.

Alexander A. - 9/6/2020

What can I say? Gibson are back.

Derek S. - 13/2/2020

I still didn't play.I am the happiest man on the Planet .The Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Heritage Cherry Sunburst is just .....Thank you so much.

Janusz H. - 21/1/2020

Fantastic guitar delivered in pristine condition

David S. - 5/12/2019

Beautiful, as expected. Excellent.

Nicholas U. - 10/7/2019

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