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Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Iced Tea

Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Iced Tea

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Overall Rating 4.9/5 (16 reviews)

A truly great tone from the solid body. Nice action/profile and all the bits of a les paul. No push pull knobs on this standard.

Alex E. - 20/9/2021

Quality product, fantastic sound

Ian R. - 30/6/2021

Stunning guitar to play and look at. Very happy with my purchase

Paul W. - 23/3/2021

Fantastic quality and playability. Great purchase

Paul W. - 17/3/2021

I've had multiple guitars in the past; Strats, Flying Vs + I've tried SGs, Jacksons, etc - but Les Paul 60s remain the most comfortable shape and neck by far. The guitar fits so well on me that I love how I can literally "feel" the resonance of the strings when I play. The sound is absolutely incredible for the genres I play (heavy metal, thrash, powerl) Also worth mentioning particular LP is a stunner to look at - photos don't give it justice. The colour is a masterpiece. Only downside is that here are some liiiiitle tiny details in finishing quality that seem a bit off - apparently that has been the case for the past years with all Gibsons.

Ioannis P. - 22/2/2021

Great guitar, plays perfectly and every bit as good as the photos

ian j. - 18/2/2021

Beautiful guitar with great action

Katya F. - 16/12/2020

I've been over this guitar with a fine tooth comb and really can't find any issues (well done Gibson). It's always a worry spending this much without seeing the instrument first, but thankfully all was well. The setup was superb right out of the case... the action is low, but without a hint of fret buzz. Even the tuning stability is impressive for a Les Paul. The only thing I'd say is the photo on the GuitarGuitar website did not do the top justice!

Adam H. - 15/12/2020

GuitarGuitar was the only company in the U.K. to stock the Gibson Les Paul Standard !!!

Bryan K. - 9/12/2020

Great sound and well finished

david m. - 27/10/2020

The instrument is superb - I got photos during the review and the whole process was done in a professional manner.

Ronan C. - 5/9/2020

Michael G. - 2/9/2020

Still getting used to it, may end up five star

Morton D. - 19/8/2020

Guitar is everything I expected when buying a quality Guitar from Guitar Guitar

Mike R. - 27/3/2020

Gibson has gone back to the classic guitar no gimmicks. Excellent

Kenneth . - 22/2/2020

Superb guitar looks amazing, sounds amazing

Craig M. - 17/5/2019

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