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Jackson Audio Blossom Compressor


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Manufacturer's ID: JKA-BLOSS

Featuring exactly the same optical limiting compression circuit as Jackson Audio’s fully featured compression masterpiece the BLOOM, the BLOSSOM is a simple and easy to use optical compressor. Because of its natural and touch responsive bloom, the BLOSSOM is ideal for players who typically don’t use compression but want the ‘mastered’ response that optical compression gives to a guitarist’s tone.

Known for its transparency and subtlety, the BLOSSOM features an optical limiting circuit. Based on the BLOOM’s “country-style” green channel, it takes its inspiration from compressors designed during the golden age of vacuum tube circuits and is perfect for those players who want to squeeze, but also want to keep it simple.

Although the pedal can provide a very aggressive response at more extreme compression settings, its real strength lies in its ability to add a gentle sweetening and roundness to the tone as the optical circuit works to polish off any rough edges in the sound. The frequency response of the compressor section is ruler flat and does not boost or cut any of your highs or lows.

Just like a well-designed compressor circuit should, the BLOSSOM alters the dynamics of the guitar signal and not the tone - a good compressor should be felt and not heard!


  • Compressor pedal
  • Optical style limiting circuit from the Jackson Audio BLOOM
  • Simple and easy to use control set
  • Flat frequency response that keeps your tone untouched
  • Tiny footprint and top-mounted jacks - for ease of pedalboard mounting
  • Powered by 9 - 18 V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1mm, ~ 20 mA current draw)