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About PRS Amps

PRS Amps deliver pure tone and great response. PRS know a thing or two about what makes guitars sound great, so when they apply that knowledge to amplifiers, you know the results are going to be phenomenal. PRS Amps offer a range of options from the classic valve tones to powerful modern metal sounds, all with that unbeatable PRS build quality and passion in every joint, screw and circuit. PRS Amps are all built at PRS headquarters and factory in Stevensville, Maryland USA.

PRS have taken their knowledge of tone, physics and quality and applied that all to a selection of valve amplifiers. These amps are all about pure tone and great response. In development for years, PRS guitar amps are for players who understand that an amp is an instrument just like the guitar: both merge with the player to make a sum that is greater than all of its parts.

The range is small and potent with a number of Artist signature models like Mark Tremonti's MT15 model accompanying original models like the 'Sonzera' amps. These come on both combo and head form with accompanying cabinets to match. Exquisite, Class-A tone is the name of the game here, as you may expect: these guitar amps are, after all, designed to sit alongside PRS's showstopping guitars. As a major UK PRS dealer, we keep a broad selection of their amps in our stores. View our selection online or ask at your nearest guitarguitar store for availability.

Why Should I Choose a PRS Amp?

  • Gorgeous sounds
  • Classic PRS build quality
  • Wide range of Head, Combo and Cabinet style models
  • Stunning quality
  • Excellent tones
  • Range of options for everything from classic sounds to modern tones

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Amps

Question: Does PRS make good amps?
Yes, PRS amps are superbly built, packed with tone and features, and delivered at a surprisingly great price for the level of quality you get.
Question: Where are PRS amps made?
PRS Amps are made at the PRS headquarters and factory in Stevensville, Maryland USA.
Question: Which artists have signature amps with PRS?
Currently, there are two artists with signature amps: Mark Tremonti which his MT15 and John Mayer with his J-MOD 100 head.
Question: I'm looking for a valve amp that I can play in the house that will give me fantastic heavy overdrive tones: what do I need?
We recommend checking out the PRS MT15 head. It's a small 15 watt 'lunchbox' head and since it's Mark Tremonti's singature model, it has tons of gain on tap and a very high quality selection of tones.