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About PRS Valve Amps

PRS Valve Amps are powerful all tube electric amplifiers. Just like PRS guitars, their valve amps are built with precision, continuing on with the company's reputation for high quality products. Their Archon series is available as a 50W combo, and its compact design has made it portable enough to take to and from live shows without compromising on power making it great for the gigging musician on the road. PRS Valve amps use 6L6 tubes for full smooth high end and tight low tones. Paired with Celestion speakers, these amps can provide powerful heavy gain while still having the ability to produce a remarkably clean tone. They also include a clean channel which has additional pull boost for an extra crunchy bite. A great choice of amplifier for a range of players from blues, classic rock and metal guitarists.

PRS amplifiers are also good for studio recording, as they have many characteristics to create a vast range of sounds. Some feature multiple gain stages, making it quick and easy to find that sweet spot for gain amount, independent EQ for separate channels to sculpt your preferred tone,  and even an effects loop can be found on some amps in their range such as the Mark Tremoni signature amp, the MT15.

PRS Valve Amps are equally good for home practice or rehearsal room use as some models include PRS's Half power switch. This is great for lowering volume when needed, the amplifier can turn 15W into 7W mode to achieve less volume but keep the same valve saturation and tone as if it was powered up full.

PRS Valve Amps and guitars have been used by many professional and popular players including, Mark Tremoni, Myles Kennedy, John McLaughlin and Pablo Hurtado.

Why Should I Choose a PRS Valve Amp?

  • All tube valve sound
  • Good for a range of situations , live performance, home practice or studio recording
  • Great build quality
  • Extra tone control with separate EQ channels and clean pull "boost"
  • Compact and well- thought out design

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Valve Amps

Question: Does PRS make good valve amps?
Yes, PRS make good valve amps with pure tone, clear response, high quality build and design.
Question: Who uses a PRS valve amp?
Many musicians including Mark Tremonti, Joey Santiago, Brad Whitford and Dave Weiner have all been seen using PRS Valve Amps in their live shows.
Question: Where are PRS valve amps made?
PRS Valve amps are made in Maryland, USA. All being built within the PRS factory in Stevensville.