PRS Mark Holcomb

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About PRS Mark Holcomb

The PRS Mark Holcomb is the sensational signature guitar of Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb. Periphery are well respected for their intensely complex musical style, as such Mark needs a guitar that won't stand in the way of his highly technical playing style. Loaded with his signature Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pickups, PRS and Mark Holcomb have designed a guitar that is not only supremely comfortable to play, but has punishing metal tone to boot. A selection of our PRS Mark Holcomb guitars come included with a padded gig bag.

Why Should I Choose a PRS Mark Holcomb Guitar?

  • Very Comfortable to Play
  • PRS Build Quality
  • Unrelenting Metal Sound
  • Great Aesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS Mark Holcomb

Question: Does the PRS SE Holcomb model have an unusual fingerboard radius?
Indeed it does: this guitar has an extremely flat 20" radius, making it perfect for demanding technical guitar parts.
Question: Are PRS SE Mark Holcomb guitars any good?
Yes. PRS SE Mark Holcomb guitars are very good. PRS make some of the best guitars in the world and the Mark Holcomb signature is no exception. With excellent specs, build quality and design you have a guitar that is very comfortable to play and sounds incredible.
Question: Are the Seymour Duncan pickups on this guitar passive or active?
The pickups on this guitar are Mark Holcomb's signature Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pickups. They are passive and sound fantastic.
Question: Where are PRS SE Mark Holcomb guitars made?
PRS SE Mark Holcomb guitars are made in Korea, providing an exceptional level of quality at a reduced cost.
Question: What finishes does the PRS SE Mark Holcomb come in?
The SE Mark Holcomb guitar comes in a signature 'Holcomb Burst' finish but is also available in certain limited edition finished including the 'stealth' matte grey black.