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About MIDI Interfaces

If you're looking to connect your computer to a keyboard, module or other MIDI device which doesn't have a USB port, our MIDI Interfaces offer a simple way to complete the connections in your setup. MIDI interfaces are also an ideal way to integrate MIDI into your studio set up where your audio interface doesn't have 5 pin MIDI ports present.

Frequently Asked Questions about MIDI Interfaces

Question: What is MIDI?
"MIDI" is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI was created in the early 80s as a way of syncing and controlling pieces of musical hardware. As computers have started to become a dominant force in electronic music, MIDI via USB has become extremely popular and USB is now a standard feature of virtually all synthesizers, keyboards, drum machines and other electronic music hardware. It is still easy to connect older equipment that doesn't feature USB connectivity by using a MIDI interface, allowing a simple connection between your hardware's 5 pin MIDI connection and your computer.
Question: Can I record audio with a MIDI interface?
No, a MIDI interface is only suitable for sending and receiving MIDI data. If you're looking to record audio and MIDI at the same time, we recommend looking for an audio interface with MIDI connectivity, for example the Roland RUBIX22.