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About RockBoard

RockBoard by Warwick specialises in the creation of well-made and reliable pedal boards and related accessories. They make a range of boards to suit a variety of setups and needs. Since they also produce a wide selection of cables and connectors, you can find all you need to complete your pedal board. A great choice for hobbyists and professionals, RockBoard can help to create the setup you've been looking for.

Why Should I Choose RockBoard?

  • They are responsible for many innovative designs
  • Excellent quality from a trusted brand
  • Affordable yet durable

Frequently Asked Questions about RockBoard

Question: Who are RockBoard?
RockBoard are a company by Warwick, the highly respected Germany based brand responsible for many top grade instruments.
Question: What do RockBoard make?
RockBoard make a wide range of pedal boards and associated accessories such as cables, connectors, and power supplies.
Question: Are RockBoard products high quality?
Yes, RockBoard pride themselves in providing musicians with excellent quality products that can be relied upon.