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About Roland Amps

Roland amps cover a lot of ground for many types of guitarist. They are pioneers of amp modelling. They have made great strides, through Tube Logic technology, in successfully capturing the sound and feel of tube amps.

Roland Cube amps have been a number one choice for practice amps for decades. Their Cube Street models are seen in streets all over the country as the most in-demand busking amp there is. All Cube guitar amplifiers feature multiple channels and have quality built in effects to help colour your sound and increase the fun. They are also battery powered - very handy!

Perhaps Roland's most famous guitar amps are the Jazz Chorus models. These cleaner-than-clean combos have provided legendary tones for some very diverse artists. Roland have re-released this line of amps to provide tones for a new generations of guitarists looking for that specific sound.

Roland Blues Cube amps provide a genuine alternative to tube amps for players with a refined taste in tube tone. These are excellent amps for gigging with and are winning over many fans. All of these amps are available from each of our guitarguitar stores. We are a major UK dealer so please visit us to try them out for yourself or browse here online and have your Roland amplifier delivered!

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Amps

Blues Cube amps are solid state. They use special propriety technology called Tube Logic to recreate the signal path, circuitry, feel, response and sound of quality valve amps.
Yes, all of the Cube Street amps can be run on either mains power (an AC adapter is included) or with AA batteries: 6 for the Cube Street and 8 for the Cube Street EX.
Famous Jazz Chorus amp users include James Hetfield (his clean sound), Andy Summers, Adrian Belew and Johnny Marr.
Currently, the Jazz Chorus range has three models, all with that classic sound: JC-120, JC-40, JC-22.