Roland RD Series

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About Roland RD Stage Pianos

Roland RD Stage Pianos like the RD-2000 are designed with the professional player in mind, taking the possibilities of what a stage piano can do and expanding them out to include powerful zoning, an assortment of assignable control knobs and incredible foot controller options. While many stage pianos focus on great piano sounds, the RD series delivers amazing piano, acoustic and synth sounds and a whole range of other useful features, including the ability to play and record audio using a USB flash drive, the ability to create elaborate zones and layers of sounds, assign controls and changes to the pots, faders and even foot controllers and expression controllers. The RD series is also DAW control optimised and can seamlessly integrate with your favourite software, including MainStage, where you can blend the built-in sounds and integrate soft synths from your software direct from the keyboard itself. Other features that are ideal for the gigging musician are the internal power supply, which accepts standard IEC cables, and the balanced XLR outputs, which both mean you can turn up and plug in on stage without the need for excess cables and DI boxes.

Why Should I Choose a Roland RD Stage Piano?

  • Flagship SuperNATURAL sound engine
  • Realistic V-Piano technology
  • Built for professional stage and studio use

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland RD Series

Question: What is the Roland RD series?
The Roland RD series is a line of stage pianos with powerful real time controls and an impressive sound library.
Question: Is the Roland RD series any good?
Yes, the RD series features professional level instruments that are perfect for stage and studio use.