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About Roland SPD

The Roland SPD series builds on Roland's long legacy of bringing electronic technology to drummers. Roland have pioneered electronic percussion technology for almost 40 years. With the launch of the Pad-8 Octapad MIDI controller back in 1985, Roland perfected giving acoustic drummers the ability to add digital sounds to their kits, without taking up a lot of real estate with large pads. Jump forward to the present day, Roland presents the SPD series, which brings drummers and percussionists the ability to add their own sounds to their setups. Simply load your own samples or backing tracks into the SPD-SX or SPD::ONE WAV and you're ready to rock.

Why Should I Choose a Roland SPD?

  • Industry standard digital percussion instruments
  • Reliable and built to last
  • Intuitive user interface

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland SPD

Question: Does the Roland SPD-SX have built in sounds?
Yes, the SPD-SX has a great selection of classic percussion sounds, but does really come into its own once you start loading in your own.
Question: Can I use an SPD-SX to play backing tracks?
Absolutely! The SPD-SX great because it gives you multiple outputs, allowing you to split your backing tracks into stems for easy mixing. In addition, tracks can be assigned to a pad or triggered by a footswitch, meaning there will be no need for a count in on your track.
Question: What's the difference between the SPD-30 and SPD-SX?
The SPD-30 hosts 99 kits and 670 high quality sounds. The SPD-SX comes with a small selection of sounds and 15 preset kits, but gives you the ability to load in your own sounds and create your own kits. The SPD-30 is a great option if you're looking for a simple way to play classic sounds, while the SPD-SX is excellent for creating new textures and triggering audio loops.
Question: What does SPD stand for Roland?
SPD represents Sampling, Percussion and Digital.
Question: How do I set up my Roland SPD?
SPD pads can be played on a table or mounted on a PDS-10 stand or in your drum rack. All that's needed to complete the setup is to connect the power supply and connect the SPD to your speaker, PA or audio interface.
Question: What is Roland SPD-SX?
The SPD-SX is the industry-standard drum sampler. With 9 pads, plus inputs for triggers and footswitches and a huge amount of sampling time, it's easy to work the SPD-SX into your drum kit or use as a stand-alone percussive instrument.