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About Sheeran By Lowden

Sheeran by Lowden is an exclusive sub-brand of Lowden guitars. Sheeran by Lowden is a range of instruments made in collaboration with singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

The Sheeran by Lowden range of guitars are all slightly smaller than full-size, in keeping with Sheeran's preference for smaller bodied guitars. There are a number of guitars in the Sheeran by Lowden range. These Sheeran guitars differ in shape, materials and inclusion of pickup system.

The high profile nature of the collaboration and the affordability of the instruments have made this brand a real sensation across the guitar playing world. George Lowden's impeccable design and building skills mixed with the popularity and star power of Ed Sheeran have created a sizeable buzz around these excellent guitars.

At guitarguitar, we are authorised UK Lowden dealers and have been for a over a decade. We are as excited as everyone else about Sheeran by Lowden guitars! They are genuine game changers in terms of value and performance. These guitars are in high demand and all of our guitarguitar stores stock them when availability allows! Check out the range here on the site and click through to order or pre-order!

Why Should I Choose a Sheeran By Lowden Guitar?

  • Woods for these guitars are sourced from naturally felled trees
  • Impeccably designed and built

Frequently Asked Questions about Sheeran By Lowden

Question: What different Sheeran by Lowden models are there?
The Sheeran by Lowden range contains eight different models of guitar. These are divided up into two body sizes: each size has four models. The 'S' models are slightly larger, with 19" long bodies and a scale length of 24 4/5". This range contians the S01, S02, S03 and S04 models. The 'W' models are slightly smaller with a slightly different shape. These have a 17 3/4 body and a 24" scale. This range contains the W01, W02, W03 and W04 model guitars.
Question: Which models have pickups fitted? And what type of pickup is it?
All of the models except the S01 and the W01 are supplied with a fitted LR Baggs Element VTC pickup and preamp system.
Question: What types of tonewoods are used in making the Sheeran by Lowden guitars?
The Sheeran by Lowden guitars all have solid timber tops. These are Sitka Spruce or Cedar, depending on the model. The back & sides of each guitar is made from layered woods. Walnut, Figured Walnut and Rosewood is used, again depending on the model.
Question: Where are Sheeran by Lowden guitars made?
Sheeran by Lowden guitars are made in Ireland.
Question: Do Sheeran by Lowden guitars come with a gig bag?
Yes indeed, all Sheeran by Lowden guitars come with fitted gig bags.