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About Suhr Amps

Suhr are best known for their custom guitars, but they also make high quality tube amplifiers. Suhr amps are handmade in California.

The brand makes combos, heads and cabinets. Fans of vintage tube tone will love the transparency, expression and tone of Suhr amps. The accompanying speaker cabinets are even 1 x 12" or 2 x 12" and are designed to match the particular head each cab shares its name with.

We are one of the largest authorised Suhr dealers around. Visit us in-store to try Suhr guitars and amps out for yourself, or browse our website to see our unmatched selection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Suhr Amps

Question: The Suhr Badger head has something called 'Power Scaling': what is that?
Power Scaling' on the Suhr Badger is a reference to some clever attenuation you can enjoy simply by setting the Power and Drive controls a certain way. The Power dial determines how much voltage hits the power section. Using the Drive control (how much volume or gain hits the power section), you can produce a range of sophisticated tones at low volumes. Keeping the Drive control within 2 numbers of the Power control is a tip from Suhr themselves.