Taylor 600 Series

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About Taylor 600 Series

The Taylor 600 Series, with its stained maple back and sides, have an almost classical elegance; bringing to mind violins and cellos more than traditional acoustic guitars. The Taylor 600 Series is bright and lively with a strong attack, perfect for precise players. The Taylor 600 does not have a strong bass response which makes it ideal in a busy mix, cutting through beautifully. Most of our Taylor 600 Series guitars come included with a guitar case.


Why Should I Choose Taylor 600 Series?

  • All solid wood construction
  • Made in USA
  • V-Class bracing
  • Big Leaf Maple back and sides

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor 600 Series

Question: Is the Taylor 600 Series worth it?
Yes if you're after a USA made guitar with a stunning look and sound you'll find it all with the Taylor 600 series.
Question: Where are Taylor 600 guitars made?
In the El Cajon Taylor factory in California.
Question: Are Taylor 600 guitars any good?
Yes, with Taylor USA quality, V-class bracing, high quality electronics, and a great selection of maple tonewoods the 600 series is an excellent choice.
Question: Who uses a Taylor 600 guitar?
John Petrucci, and Tony Iommi, are just a couple of players who make use of the stunning 600 series.