Taylor Custom

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About Taylor Custom

Taylor Custom allows you to craft a guitar that's completely your own. With a wide variety of options, from the type of guitar and body shape, to the type of wood which even includes non-standard species and premium grade tonewoods!

Taylor Custom ensures that you are getting the highest standard of quality and that each guitar matches your specifications.

Why Should I Choose a Taylor Custom?

  • Exceptional craftsmanship, using only the best materials
  • Can be designed to your own specifications
  • Decades of experience in crafting the finest guitars

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor Custom

Question: What is the Taylor Custom Program?
The Taylor Custom Program is an easy way for the average musician to craft an instrument that is truly their own. By using the Taylor Custom Program it's easy for you to have your own "Signature Guitar"!
Question: How Do I Order a Taylor Custom Guitar?
Taylor Custom Guitars are ordered via a registered Taylor dealer like guitarguitar. Start by creating a list of preferences and then contact us for further information.