Trace Elliot Bass Amps

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About Trace Elliot Bass Amps

Trace Elliot Bass Amps are instantly recognisable due to their signature black and green look. But if the cool look is not enough these bass amps present their own sound and have carved out their own spot defining professional bass amplification for more than 40 years. It all started with supplying the first dedicated 4x10 bass cabinet providing professional bass players with a proper full sound instead of having to make do with modified guitar amplifiers! Trace Elliot bass amps have long gone for their own sound using the finest speaker components and amp components. Allowing players to focus solely on their playing knowing they will always have a fantastic tone behind them. Aiming to deliver more to the modern bass player as well lines such as the Trace Elliot elf offer huge tone in a small package which keeps transporting gear and gigging an absolute breeze.

Trace Elliot bass amps are popular with professional bass players thanks to their use of the finest speaker components to deliver incredible tone and reliability. Trace Elliot bass amps let you get the very best tone out of your bass guitar, allowing you to focus solely on your performance. Loved for their defining professional bass amplification, Trace Elliot have what you need to bring out the best in your bass.

They use a distinctive green and black colour scheme to make their products stand out from the crowd. Trace Elliot bass amps include combos, heads and cabinets. All are made with tough metal panels to withstand years of gigging.

Trace Elliot bass amps are also known for their range of highly portable, lightweight mini stacks. Amp heads like the Trace Elliot ELF are a perfect example of this.

Why Should I Choose a Trace Elliot Bass Amp?

  • Stand out, signature, black and green look
  • Precision tones for experienced players
  • Used by touring professionals
  • Ideal for all types of gigs
  • Premium build quality
  • Trace Elliot elf amps and cabs are easy to transport!
  • Distinctive colour scheme

Frequently Asked Questions about Trace Elliot Bass Amps

Question: Are Trace Elliot bass amps any good?
Yes, Trace Elliot are a well respected name in the bass world and are loved for their tight and punchy amps. With their own unique sound, Trace Elliot amps are chosen by many professionals world wide.
Question: Who uses Trace Elliot bass amps?
Trace Elliot bass amps are popular with professional musicians who are looking for compact yet powerful amplification.
Question: Where are Trace Elliot bass amps made?
Trace Elliot amps are designed in the UK and USA, and made in China.